October 2017 - Volume 37, Number 10


Pro tips for targeting bass this fall

Bass are not terribly complicated creatures to begin with — and in the fall of the year, they become even easier to figure out. 

Will this finally be the season you arrow that big buck? If not, take heart — you just might get the edge you need while bowhunting to down that wall-hanger when gun season opens.

While there are some dedicated bowhunters who have hung up their guns for good in exchange for sticks and a string, most deer hunters are eager to pick up their firearms as the early archery season comes to an end. They know the odds of scoring a good buck increase dramatically by using a firearm. Nevertheless, that doesn’t diminish their excitement and enjoyment of bowhunting. In fact, the simplicity of pursuing whitetails with a primitive weapon, and the serenity of being alone in the woods before the crowds show up, is the perfect start to a new deer season.

Tightlined or under a cork, the Vudu Shrimp is big fall bait on Big Lake

I’ve known Ken Chaumont a long time. As an outdoors writer, it’s hard not to know him — likely one of the 10 most prominent names in Louisiana fishing today. 

Everything you need to know to target the delicious — but very much underappreciated — choupique

The thrashing dinosaur was yanked out of the water, flew high over the lanky man’s head and landed with a thud in the tall weeds. It immediately began slithering through the wet grass back toward the weedy canal.

Proven tips from experienced hunters to prevent your scent from getting to a buck before you do.

There’s virtually no lengths a hunter won’t go to in order to fool a whitetail’s incredible nose. I’ve heard of guys dousing themselves with deer urine or rolling around in the dirt before a hunt — rituals they swear by, with big bucks hanging on the wall to back it up. To non-hunters it might seem like borderline insanity, but to anyone who has spent time in a deer stand, it’s just business as usual.

Breeding could begin just a little earlier than last year. Use the Sportsman’s 2017 rut calendar to plan your vacation days this fall so you’ll be in the woods at the right time.

Use the Sportsman 2017 rut prediction to start planning your hunts for this season. It might also help to look at the long range weather forecast and see when the cold fronts are predicted to roll in.

As shad make their way farther into creeks and coves, you can bet crappie will be right behind them. Here’s what you need to know to load up on some slabs this fall.

Summer’s swelter is on the way out and fall’s advancing coolness will soon tickle the backs of our necks and push crappie toward their fourth-quarter patterns. Main lake targets will continue to produce for a few more weeks, but Wally “Mr. Crappie” Marshall says the sooner you head to inside waters the better.

Locating the travel lanes bass use each fall isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. But if you can figure out where they’re moving and gathering, you’re in business.

It’s possibly the most oversimplified stage of a bass’ annual schedule, but get to know the fall feeding migrations and you’ll see there’s actually a considerable amount of strategy required to achieve consistency. For, while we tend to describe this season as a mass movement of bass to their pre-winter gorging, it’s not just a random rush to the buffet line.

Check out Dave Moreland’s rut predictions for Louisiana whitetails across the state — and schedule your vacation time now to make sure you’re in the stand when the time is right.