September 2017 - Volume 37, Number 9


A look at the public-land hunting for this year

As thousands of resident and non-resident hunters get ready to hunt on the Wildlife Management Areas of Louisiana, one segment must be aware of a radical change from the norm.

Shooting docks is an effective technique on the Bend

Even bass fanatics have to eat!

When we last left Dusty Anders, he was exercising his addiction to largemouth bass in Toledo Bend Reservoir. 

This teal hunter shares his tips to get set and go after the early birds of duck hunting.

Hunter Simmons of Mer Rouge has been in the duck blind with some of the best duck hunters in the South since he was old enough to hold a shotgun. Well, truth be told, even before that. And that usually included not missing out on Louisiana’s early bird teal season. Even though he’s still a young hunter, his experience puts his knowledge level way beyond his years.

Thanks to new technology, bringing home the bacon has never been easier.

What’s that green glow?

It’s a beacon for bacon.

Find and exploit trout highways now

“I call them ‘highways’,” said the deeply tanned lower Lafourche Parish fishing guide.

Make your frogs more effective by targeting your casts

It’s a double shot of adrenaline that widens the eyes, flares the jaws, red-lines the heart rate and elicits a broad spectrum of amazed responses; not all of which may be suitable for a family audience. Unquestionably, frog fishing over weed mats can deliver some of the most aggressively exaggerated strikes you’ll ever see — but it’s not as simple as throw-frog-onto-mat-and-pull.

Don’t overlook the Gulf’s best and meanest acrobats

“There are exceptions to everything we are going to tell you today and tomorrow.”

Increase your odds of downing a big public lands buck by consulting the Sportsman’s WMA Forecast starting on page 42. Cover photo by Michael Bibb.