August 2017 - Volume 37, Number 8


Don’t indulge in combat fishing this summer; there’s fish for everyone

I never could wrap my mind around why people would actually tune in to watch Jerry Springer. 

Ensure preparation meets opportunity for your teal hunting “luck” this season.

Louisiana’s first-ever Friday opening day for hunting teal is September 15. You’ll probably have the blind and decoys ready early. You’ll be working your retriever, cleaning your shotgun and stocking up on supplies. Everything will be ready. 

Are your antler expectations realistic? Find out.

Managing the buck harvest has become the norm for most deer programs these days.

Summertime is the right time to throw big worms

Baseball, watermelon, pool parties — if you’re making a list of summer faves, don’t forget that big worm. See, bass bites can be hard to come by during the dog days of summer, as the big green dudes spend most of their time sulking in deep offshore haunts, or in the shadows of docks or large trees. Locked in general lethargy, the fish prefer gobbling one big meal over chasing several smaller ones.

Avoid the heat and traffic and bust bigger bass in the process.

Why fish at night?

It’s easy to predict one answer—It’s not so blamed hot!

But Zac Dubois has more. 

Don’t neglect the long rod for bream

Todd Schultz throws bugs at fish.

Not real ones; fake ones — foam spiders. But the fish are real.

A primer for taking reds in ultra skinny water.

I tried to ignore the single heart-shaped cloud punctuating a pleasantly blue sky caping the spartina grass; did my best to tune out the distant thunder of a Gulf storm building to the west; and I told myself to not tarry a glance on the dozen magnum fiddler crabs waving oversized claws from their muddy perches.

With a longer season in place, it’s time to get while the getting’s good

From now until Labor Day, snapper season is a go! More specifically, you can only legally possess fish on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but hey, that’s better than the three-day excuse for a season earlier this year. To celebrate the victory won by recreational fishermen, Louisiana Sportsman has compiled a best-of-the-best list of the best tips and tactics for snapper to be found anywhere.

Mallory O’Brien snared this nice red snapper on a recent trip out of Fourchon during the 2017 extended federal season in the Gulf of Mexico, which is scheduled to close on Labor Day, Sept. 4.