June 2017 - Volume 37, Number 6


June offers fishermen “lights out” fishing action!

Randy Tucker lives less than 50 feet from a 16,000 acre lake busting at the seams with 2-pound crappie and lots of 6- to 8-pound bass. So what does he do when he gets ready to go fishing?

Turn topwaters loose on bass in June

Dale Taylor has been fishing for largemouth bass for close to 60 years. He has probably put his hands on as many big bass as any other fisherman in his part of the state. Why? Not only does he catch big bass on a consistent basis, he also directs several big bass tournaments.

Catching big bream in an urban oasis

Um! Um! Um! 

Two big ole growed up men jabbering like three-year olds over such little fish!

“I enjoy bream fishing more than any other kind,” exclaimed Mike McMullen with passion. You get a lot of action. Anywhere you want to go fishing in fresh water, you got bream!

An easy guide to short-run trout on the beach, rocks

Whether you are a novice fishing Grand Isle, or a genuine old salt who’s been flinging baits around the island for decades, it’s a good idea to have a game plan for your day of plying the waters.

Take on the trout this summer on their turf: shallow rigs

Dorothy was right; there is no place like home.

Whether it’s the love of your own family, the feel of your own furniture, or the comfort of your own commode, home is the place to be if you like the security that comes with the familiar.

Working hollow-bodied frogs like the best

You’d almost think this thing was a CIA operative, what with all the different identities, abilities and serious armament. At the risk of stretching a not-so-subtle Jason Bourne reference too far, let’s just say that the topwater frog is one deadly asset for just about anytime but the depths of winter and whenever fish hug deep structure. So proficient is the frog’s fish-tempting allure that this floating amphibian impostor is a go-to bait for tournament pros and guides who depend on it for a wide range of applications. 

The right gear can mean more specks in high-pressure situations.

“Well, that’s 50 specks,” announced Brian Guidry with his patented Ninth Ward New Orleans accent as he slammed shut the lid of the ice chest.

It was 12:19 p.m., barely after lunch.

Knowing what the wind and tide are doing is critical to success at Fourchon and beyond

Fishing isn’t exactly cheap. Sure, golf might be an expensive hobby, but angling can be one of the most wallet-emptying pastimes a man can take up. From the initial investment of your boat, to gas, to jigheads and everything in between, it can get pricey in a hurry.

Local stick shares hot spots for success

Lake Fausse Pointe is a 17,000-acre system located in Iberia and St. Martin Parishes. Contiguous to the Atchafalaya Basin, the lake is essentially a catch basin for northern runoff and as a result is somewhat shallow when compared to public systems north of Interstate 10. But, that shouldn’t prohibit bass anglers from keying in on and fishing this particular lake for largemouth bass.

Hitting rocks this month is an ideal way to fill the ice chest. Check out page 160 to see how Capt. Lloyd Landry makes it happen. Cover photo by David Hunter Jones