February 2017 - Volume 37, Number 2


It’s been a crazy 12 months, with the typical broiling-hot summer topped off with record flood in many areas of the state. So when hunting seasons opened, hunters relished the break from rebuilding efforts.

If you’re looking to catch more bass at Toledo Bend, this angler said there’s one rig that will produce day in, day out. And it’ll catch numbers or big fish — all you have to do is know how to adjust.

The sky was still black when Dusty Anders pulled up to Toledo Town & Tackle, the pit stop/tackle store on the corner of Highways 6 and 191 near Toledo Bend Reservoir.

I counted 32 fiberglass bass boats in the lot. I did some quick math and came up with $1.6 million sitting there.

Jackson Parish’s ‘other fish’ are gaining more attention, as Caney Lake grass beds return and foster hordes of big black crappie. And this angler tells you how to catch your share.

From his fancy Ranger fishing rig to a nice collection of fishing gear, Jeff Glover was all decked out and ready to go for largemouth bass.

That’s what you’d expect from an angler who has a camp on Caney Lake, which is widely recognized for its lunker bass — including the long-standing state record.

You have to finesse the bass to bite when winter is in it’s last throes, right? Not according to this Bassmaster pro, who said you can get bigger bites quicker by using heavy weights.

In 1989, the U.S. military surrounded General Manuel Noriega, who was holed up in the papal nuncio’s residence (the Vatican equivalent of an embassy) in Panama City.

Live bait will certainly produce bites, but these trout masters understand soft-plastic lures will catch big specks. Here’s all you need to know to mimic their success.

The quest for the perfect speckled trout fishing lure never seems to end. In the early 1970s, when I broke into the fishery, it was dominated by lead-headed shad rigs, Mr. Champ spoons, Bingos, Plugging Shorty Shrimp, and MirrOlures. 

The big game changer came in the 1970s with the invention of soft-plastic, split-tail beetles. They annihilated sales of shad rigs and, because of their versatility, sales of hard plugs and spoons became sluggish.

If crappie fishing fills your nighttime thoughts, this angler has the tips and tools to help turn dreams into reality.

His son dubbed Clyde Folse “The Crappie Psychic.” But I believe he’s a crappie dreamer, kind of like an Indian shaman who can divine the future concerning this silver-and-black speckled fish, variously called sac-a-lait or white perch in Louisiana.

Aluminum boats have come a long way in a short period of time. Fishermen are flocking to them as features are added.

Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part Sportsman Boat Showcase. Click here to read Part I on 2017’s Top Fiberglass Boats.

Aluminum boats are often described with these terms: utilitarian, practical, serviceable, functional and no-frills. In actuality, aluminum boat are all that and more; so much more.

Aluminum boats are built for every purpose, from work boats, to dressed-out fishing boats and even luxury yachts. The john boats that come to mind when many folks think about aluminum are an important segment of the market, but they’re not the only aluminum boat design. Nope, not by a long shot.  

The Lake Verret system warms up early, ushering in spawning activity by the areas bass. Learn how this veteran tournament angler methodically works these waters to build heavy stringers.

Activity at Doiron’s Landing in Stephensville picks up this month, with bass anglers looking to cash in while fish have moved up to spawn.

And 2015 Louisiana State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation champion Scott Buxton will be jostling to get his boat launched so he can probe the waters of the Lake Verret system for nesting bass.

This month marks the height of crappie fishing, and the Crappie Psychic knows how to stack your ice chest with slabs.