November 2016 - Volume 36, Number 11


Many hunters think rattling is for out-of-state trips, but this Franklinton buck killer knows it might be the best tool to draw out big, mature deer. So use his tactics to take a real wallhanger this season.

Teenage boys have a saying they sometimes use to express an understanding that they will put their fraternal friendships ahead of any teenage girls who might try to come between them.

Since some might consider this saying offensive and not proper to put in a family hunting publication, I’ll doctor is up a little bit and make it fit.

Bros before does.

The pattern is so predictable that you’ll think you’re in a time warp when you start catching trout and redfish at Delacroix this month. Here’s how this guide loads up.

De’ja vu. We get the expression from the French, and it means “already seen.” It’s the feeling that you’ve been there before, experienced something previously or seen the same thing on some former occasion.

In my case, I was hoping to experience some fall fishing deja vu down in Delacroix Island, where trout are known to gather in big numbers in the fringe to mid-range bays as they make their annual winter migration into inside waters.

Some hunters choose to take advantage of Louisiana’s liberal deer season by traveling the state instead of getting bogged down on a lease. Here’s how they kill deer everywhere they go.

It was late summer near Concordia Parish. Temperatures hovering near the 100-degree mark coupled with dense humidity congested the air.

The trees, lush with green foliage, offered some shade, but provided little relief for ultra-marathon runner Josh Chauvin. 

If you are having trouble getting on redfish, just look for schools of mullet. It’s as close to a guarantee to hot action as you’ll get — if you understand the keys to success.

Everyone loves a parade, especially when it doubles as the buffet line. And that’s the deal with the major mullet movement that happens each fall-winter — it’s an all-out whack fest that’s as close to guaranteed fishing action as you’ll find.

Reproduction is the primary motivation and prespawn aggregations can be significant. The best part is that this parade’s duration — which roughly runs from October through March — offers multiple opportunities for redfish.

Louisiana has a long reputation as a waterfowling mecca, but that doesn’t mean you have to belong to a high-dollar club. Find out why these five WMAs could be your ticket to heavy straps.

Backlit faintly by the early morning glow, they came as we’d hoped. Silhouettes — large and deliberate, and small and acrobatic — bombarded our spread.

We were able to pick up our jaws from the marsh mud just in time to catch that telltale sound as a few feathered bodies splashed down amongst their plastic counterparts.

A deer’s No. 1 defense is its nose, as many a hunter can attest. But is scent elimination possible? This successful bowhunter doesn’t think so — but he’s come up with a system to overcome the vaunted olfactory senses of his prey.

As bucks go, it wasn’t a record-setter, but it was a good one — a real good one.

Adrenaline surged through the hunter’s body. A few more steps and the deer would be in the angle just right to launch an arrow.

Then it was like the animal hit an invisible wall. Its body stiffened momentarily, and then it tore off, blowing in alarm.

Duck hunting is in this family’s DNA, so they know how to fill their limits. And now they’re helping others do the same. Here are some of their tricks to North Louisiana waterfowling success.

Archer Daniels looked up at the ducks, grabbed the Haydel duck call and blew hard as he could.

Then, bam bam — he unloaded on a couple of big mallards, which evoked a big smile and a chuckle.

Summer’s back has finally been broken, and that means water temperatures are allowing Prien Lake’s trout to move out of the ship channel. And these kayakers know how to capitalize on the opportunity.

The three kayaks looked like sleek raiders fanning out into Prien Lake from a friend’s pier near the public launch on the lake’s eastern shore. 

These guys were hard-core.

With the deer season in high gear, it's time to buckle down and put some meat in the freezer. Find everything you need to know to fill your tags -- and kill a trophy, to boot.