March 2016 - Volume 36, Number 3


For this Lake D’Arbonne angler, consistently catching crappie means having a plan. And it’s one you can use to keep the grease popping.

James Morgan always seems to have a plan. It’s part of his DNA.

And when it comes to crappie fishing, the only CSI you need is to discover is that he’s a Crappie Seeking Individual.

Sure, trout fishing might be inconsistent this month, but head to Breton sound for some great action with redfish, sheepsheads and black drum.

You heard the one about the elite, big-fish speckled trout snob in Delacroix in March?

Well, there was this creek. And there was this paddle. The guy was up the creek: Aw heck, you know the rest.

When you head the turkey woods this month, will you have everything you need to down a gobbler? These proven turkey killers share their equipment lists to help up your odds of success.

If it’s spring, Chad Newcomer is on the move, chasing gobblers from Mississippi to Nebraska — and several spots in between — with an intense passion and skilled precision.

You might not get as many bites fishing a jig, but you’re almost guaranteed to catch bigger fish. Follow this angler’s tips to make the most of your time in the Atchafalaya Basin.

“I hate finesse fishing,” the fair-skinned man said with a mischievous look, pausing to wait for my reaction.

Getting none, Billy Billeaud went on.

If you’re heading to Toledo Bend looking for a double-digit bass, these maps will help you key in on the best locations.

Toledo Bend has become the epicenter of big-bass hunters from across the country, pumping out dozens of super-sized lunkers annually over the past few years.

The Mississippi River will surely be pumping mud into much of the marsh around its mouth, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t areas that will produce plenty of fish. Here’s how to find clean water to keep the festivities rolling.

“No! “the women shrieked, while swiveling their heads from Doc to Artie. “Not another one!”

Doc was dumping yet another sack of crawfish into the purge bin, while Artie tapped another keg.

That made three sacks of crawfish and two kegs.

Every angler knows stumps hold bass, but what do you do when you’re faced with a huge field of these snags? These touring pros give you some pointers.

Murder on lower units, but straight-up hog farms — that’s a fitting summary for those shallow, wood-spiked ranges bass anglers call stump fields.

On still mornings when the fog is thick enough to cut, you should be working topwaters across Catfish Lake. That’s because big speckled trout are waiting to make your knees weak with crushing strikes.

“The fleas are on the dog, my friend, the fleas are on the dog, but if its fish you’re looking for, the fish are in the fog.”

— Anonymous

I reckon that old poem was written by somebody who knew a thing or two about fishing, because down here in Southeast Louisiana those foggy mornings mean good fishing.

Bait selection can be the difference between catching a Toledo Bend lunker and spinning your wheels. Here’s what some of the top pros will be throwing this month.

Mid-May will see some of the nation’s top bass anglers descend upon the nation’s top-rated bass lake for the Bassmaster Elite Series.

This is when the big girls will be moving shallow at Toledo Bend, and we provide you with baits and locations to make the most of your time on the nation's No. 1 bass fishery.