December 2015 - Volume 35, Number 12


If you’re looking to get away from the crowds of duck hunters and still find plenty of gadwall for a full morning of shooting, then point your boat to the Biloxi Wildlife Management Area.

“Here it’s almost Christmas!” snorted Artie’s brud-in-law Anthony (pronounced: “Ant-Knee.”) “But for us it’s still TEAL season! That’s almost all we been gettin’ — and mostly bluewings to boot!”

If you’re looking for a new hunting lease, it’s probably wise to search around Union Parish because it’s the indisputable deer-hunting champion.

They come from around Oakland, Litroe, Lillie, Linville, Pisgah, Spearsville and Mount Union. And Crossroads, Marion, Iron Bridge, Rocky Branch, Dean, Point, Walnut Hill and Truxno.

When water temperatures fall, bass become lazy and less aggressive. That makes a jig the perfect tool, if you understand the best presentations. Here are some pro thoughts.

When the cold months result in bass that favor easily captured meals over more-mobile finned forage, jigs of various styles and sizes provide options.

Acadiana anglers can make a 10-minute run to East Cote Blanche Bay’s Humble Canal to find all the redfish they can handle. Here’s how to get in on the action.

It was a blasted shame. On one couch in a comatose sugar shock was my son-in-law, staring at the television. In my lounge chair reclining rocker was my oldest son and his wife, both sawing logs sound asleep.

The onset of winter can make bass a bit schizophrenic, with constantly changing weather altering the bite at least daily. Learn how these touring pros overcome the three moods of winter bass to build hefty stringers.

From watching tapes to Google searches to live event attendance, scouting the other team or individual athlete is a strategy deeply woven into the fabric of most sports.

Forget the fancy camo, high-dollar decoys and high-tech surface drive boats. This pair of duck hunters use pirogues and hand-carved wooden dekes to fill their limits in the New Orleans East marshes.

Consider the modern duck hunter.

Armored in the newest pattern of camouflage, he sports two lanyards around his neck, each with four calls on it. His chariot is a specially designed shallow-water hull, powered by not one but two souped-up surface drive engines.

The piney woods of the state can be a challenge to hunt, especially those owned and regulated by timber companies. Here are some thoughts on how to put more deer on the ground.

There is no question that southern pines dominate the woodland landscape in the northwest, westcentral and the Florida Parishes regions of the state.

Cold weather sends bass packing to deep water, right? This young tournament angler proves that theory wrong by whacking the Saline-Larto bass in water only a few feet deep.

It’s hard to think deeply when you have a shallow mind.

And I would wager that most Louisiana bass anglers have shallow minds.

Practice these tips from this shooting expert to improve your wing shooting to the next level — and show up your buddies on your next duck-hunting trip.

We’ve all been there: Birds glide in over the decoys ever so gracefully, shots erupt from the hidden hunters but nothing falls.

It took some practice, but this couple finally figured out how to troll up big Lake Pontchartrain trout — and now they live for this month, when they know the fish will eat.

“That’s a big trout, Momma. Be careful! Take your time, Momma. Bring him this way.”

Gravelly-voiced Chuck Cristina was issuing orders like Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson, only with an old-time New Orleans accent. 

Learn everything you need to know to take a late-season buck, and check out the gallery of trophies -- like this one killed Oct. 22 by Chet Slaydon. But don't forget that there also are some great fishing opportunities this month.