November 2015 - Volume 35, Number 11


This world-class caller shares how to talk wary specklebelly geese into range, along with other tips to putting birds on the ground.

“If it doesn’t fire you up to see a group of specks come in your face, flying 15 yards over your head with their feet down — and you’re looking into their eyes and you see the bars light up in the sun — if that doesn’t fire you up, then you don’t need to be out here.”

Fishing was inconsistent out of Delacroix this summer, but that all changes this month when trout move into the marshes and the redfish go wild. Learn how to make quick work of your limits.

Imagine my surprise to find long-time Golden Meadow charter Capt. Chad Dufrene fishing out of Delacroix Island — not just occasionally, but full time.

Dufrene has put down roots, built a camp and now calls Delacroix his home port.

Decoys aren’t just a duck-hunting tool. Deer decoys can stop and even draw deer closer. And this hunter knows exactly how to maximize their use.

If you were talking about hunting and someone used the term “decoy,” you’d likely think this person was a duck hunter.

High-dollar duck leases have made the Highway 15 area legendary, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy this region of the state.

Ducks go where ducks go.

No experienced waterfowler will argue with that.

And that might well explain why the Northeast Louisiana hunting area known as “Highway 15” is what it is: a duck hunting mecca.

While politicians debate the merits of walls, this Lafitte guide knows one wall that is filled with redfish this month. And filling limits couldn’t be easier.

Opinions about walls are defined by the different sides.

On one side, a wall can be a hedge of protection that keeps us safe by keeping out the proverbial bad guys.

Laydowns are almost guaranteed to hold bass, but what’s the best way to work these fish magnets? These touring pros share their thoughts.

Wood — once a tree, felled by man or nature, it’s now a bass fortress and a structure to be negotiated, encroached upon, invaded by those seeking a face-to-face with said fish.

If you’re looking for a leisurely but productive fishing hole, just drive down Highway 1.

I had to watch out for the traffic.

Cars and trucks thundered up and down Louisiana Highway 1, the only route into Grand Isle, not only what is arguably the state’s only fishing resort but a thriving base for the oil and gas industry.

I was fishing in the highway’s ditch.

The ditch — ya gotta be kiddin’!

Outdoorsmen will appreciate the quiet operation, instant starting ability and lightweight construction of STIHL battery-powered equipment. Each tool in this innovative battery system is powered by Lithium-Ion technology, delivering long run times with no gradual drop in power. Because their Lithium-Ion batteries are designed to be swapped between STIHL Battery KombiSystem tools, you can use a single battery to tackle a wide range of outdoor projects – no gasoline required.

This bowhunter has figured out a system that ensures he has plenty of deer on his 80-acre hunting property. Learn how you can kill deer with a bow, even during rifle season.

Stephen Chatman would not be caught looking very long down the fork of Robert Frost’s road that bent in the undergrowth.

I’m not even sure he would save it for another day.

This couple spends most of their time fishing Lake Pontchartrain’s Trestles, and this month is prime time. So learn how they fill their ice chest with chunky trout.

“She’s ate up with fishing!” the man said. “She starts texting me about noon to go fishing. She’s the honey badger of fishing: She just takes what she wants!”

Tom Cresson was talking about the attractive brunette in his boat, his wife Karen.

The swamps of the Florida Parishes might not look like a deer mecca, but one the soggy environs make it easy for hunters to locate their prey. Learn how to use the wetlands to your advantage.

“‘A face only a mother could love,’ goes the saying, right?” snorted Doc’s cousin Brian as he returned from yet another run to the sheepshead ceviche platter with another heaping plate. 

With deer hunting seasons in full swing, we provide tips on how to make sure you get the most out of your hunting days. But if fishing is your bag even in the fall, you'll find plenty of information to help you catch more bass, reds and trout.