September 2015 - Volume 35, Number 9


The state’s wildlife management areas will open for hunting next month, but where should you focus your attention? Here’s all the information you need to plan out your season.

The outdoorsmen who know so much about deer, squirrels, rabbits and other wildlife and the environment in which they live are enthusiastic about the upcoming hunting seasons on wildlife management areas in Louisiana.

Have you let the hunting season slip up on you again? Well, these two expert deer killers say you can still up your odds of success when the bow season kicks off.

I’m the world’s worst procrastinator.

Don’t fool yourself: You might be a bad procrastinator, but my procrastination would run circles around your procrastination.

Take for example the time 20 years ago when I was in a college nutrition class with my future sister-in-law. 

We were assigned to keep up with everything we ate for one week and make a chart of our caloric intake on poster board.

Think spider-rigging for crappie is high-tech? Then you’ll be blown away by the new-age tactic of using planer boards and big crank baits to dredge up finicky panfish.

Some folks say crappie are the new bass.

For decades, crappie fishermen have pretty much been cane pole-and-shiner guys, or maybe jig polers with double-rigged lures.

Bass fishermen hace all the fancy equipment and techniques.

This Lafitte guide relaxes by heading out of Grand Isle to catch mangrove snapper, one of the most-persnickety fish in the Gulf. Here’s how he catches regular multi-person limits.

Since my son was onboard, the worst expletive I could muster was a gruff, “Dad gum it!”

I’m normally slow to anger and even slower to speak, but this was the third fish I had lost in less than 10 minutes.

“You can’t get frustrated, Chris,” Capt. Lane Zimmer told me as he grabbed my line to tie on another hook. “That’s part of fishing this way. You’re going to lose fish.

There are a growing number of jighead options for crappie fishing, but which one is right? Here are some expert thoughts to help you decide.

They’re familiar. Second-nature, perhaps. A utilitarian element that’s just always there.

But, while jigheads might be far from fancy, they’re also far from inconsequential.

This month can provide maddeningly inconsistent trout fishing, but if you hit Barataria Bay whenever the weather allows you’ll stock the freezer.

Do you remember how we used to try to fix things by hitting them? We’d smack the side of the old TV to straighten out the picture or hit the radio when it wouldn’t pick up a signal.

This Delacroix guide and his two buddies prefer to do their fishing after the sun sets — when the crowds have left for home and the fish are ready to plaster their baits. Here’s how they do it.

We left the dock at 7 p.m.

Yes I said p.m., not a.m.

Everything else in Delacroix was dead quiet. All the sports had gone home and were digesting their supper.

A crew of young fishermen featured in this magazine in 2000 have grown up — and moved from the canals of Metairie to offshore in their fishing pursuits.

They’re baaack!

Five years ago Louisiana Sportsman ran a feature story about a gang of school kids who caught scads of fish from Metairie drainage canals right in the heart of the New Orleans metropolitan area.

You don’t have to join the duck hunters jostle to launch for the sunrise flight of teal if you head for the mouth of the Mississippi River. Go ahead: Sleep in, let the crowds thin out and still enjoy some of the best teal-hunting in the country.

Kenny gaped — then he looked around the room frowning, his eyes like cue balls. Suddenly he smiled, reached into the cooler, and grabbed another brewskie.

“I’m in!” he laughed while popping open the beverage.

Then he waved it around the den of Doc’s Venice boathouse, toasting the whole gang. 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to be this month for the special teal season, it doesn’t get any better than the ag fields of Southwest Louisiana. Here’s why, and how you can ensure you have a bang-up teal hunting season.

My plan was well thought out for the opening day of teal season, but apparently the birds didn’t get the memo, e-mail, text — aw, heck, whatever method birds use to communicate one to another. 

September is an awesome time to get to the nearshore rigs for incredible mangrove action. And hunting seasons are upon us, so you can find out what public lands offer the best options.