July 2015 - Volume 35, Number 7


You don’t have to have a boat to get in on some great fishing in Northeast Louisiana. Here are four great bank-fishing options that can provide a lot of family fun.

Years ago, news editor Jimmy Hatten would sit across from me in the Monroe News Star office. When things slowed, we turned to talk fishing. Jimmy and his wife loved to fish every Sunday afternoon.

Get your motor running to these Lake Borgne platforms and wells to load up on specks and reds. But don’t forget about the redfish-choked Biloxi Marsh.

“Get your motor running, get out on the highway, looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way.” — Steppenwolf

Back in 1967, Steppenwolf recorded their hit song Born to be Wild. It is, to this day, considered by many to be a ground-breaking song, the first in what would become the “heavy metal” genre.

When Atchafalaya Basin bass retreat to the shade of flooded trees and submerged vegetation, it’s hard to beat a crankbait for triggering bites. Here are some thoughts on how to maximize your efforts.

If you had to pick one lure to use this summer to stack up Atchafalaya Basin bass, which would you pick. A worm? A jig.

Well, if you didn’t think “crankbait,” you might be missing the boat.

Flippin’ isn’t usually associated with any kind of topwater, but this bass angler breaks the rules by combining the technique with plastic frogs. And he catches fish most anglers would never reach.

Across the foggy water, Kenny Covington heard the conversation coming from a nearby boat.

“What’s he throwing?” one of the anglers asked.

The bridges on the eastern side of Lake Pontchartrain get all the attention, but what are you to do when that action dies down for the summer? Head to the west to catch plenty of fish.

Pelayo grimaced and pointed with his chin toward Artie, who was casting from the bow. I couldn’t see Artie’s face, but Pelayo could. Hence his grimace.

Chumming for mangroves isn’t a secret, but this crew has discovered special recipe the ‘other’ snapper just can’t resist.

The absolutely transparent water churned with fish.

It was like a giant aquarium.

The slightly-built, heavily suntanned 50-year-old man threw another handful of macaroni into the seething mass of Bermuda chubs and mangrove snappers. 


You betcha — macaroni.

Combine the two completely different approaches to bass fishing to trigger bites while others struggle.

In the word association game, “finesse” and “heavy” are not typically connected. However, there exists a strategic melding of the two concepts in which “heavy finesse” tactics can yield big results in the bass-fishing world.

Learning how to pick apart a jetty can result in hefty limits of trout. And these guides have the process down pat. Here’s how they do it.

It wasn’t the size of the white caps nor the impact they had on the 24-foot bay boat. Both were negligible in the comfort of the ride as we traversed the open water that solid land dominated only 20 years ago ­— maybe less.

It’s time for this Marsh Island redfish hotspot to pick up, but the action is a limited-time offer. Here’s when to be there, as well as how to catch them when the bite is on.

Last summer in the middle of the day, while toiling away at work trying not to think of someplace else I’d rather be, I received a phone call from the late Elvis Jeanminette.

Catching summertime bass is just a matter of knowing the right techniques. And along the coast, you need to know how to pick apart certain hotspots.