May 2015 - Volume 35, Number 5


Sometimes you can hardly keep bream out of your boat, but when the bite gets tough you have to know how to adjust. Here are some tips from a man who has perfected the art of catching these tasty panfish.

“Ain’t nuttin’ to it,” drawled the lanky 68-year-old. “Ya just find a bed of ’em and ketch ’em.”

If only it was that easy.

It’s no secret that the Bayou Black marshes offer great bass fishing, and boats often stack up in certain areas. But this young angler has learned to get off the beaten track to find unpressured fish.

Tyler Dupre is someone who would rather travel 50 miles by boat than in his vehicle, fishing bass since the age of 12, the 24-year-old is a lifelong resident of Houma who has a wealth of knowledge learned mostly from his grandfather about this particular species of fish. 

When the big females give up their beds, aggressive males remain to guard the next generation of bass. Here are some pointers on how to put those guarding papas in the boat.

Ponder the local playground: Kids laughing and chatting as they enjoy swing sets, merry-go-rounds, play sets, etc., while parents watch with a blend of heart-thumping pride and diligent protection.

Sure, you can head outside to find limits of trout, but if the wind’s howling or you are pressed for time, just head to the area surrounding the Wall to find action that will keep you laughing.

The RSVPs to Doc and Trisha’s “third anniversary engagement party” were pouring in. It looked like everybody was coming — and then some. 

What tackle should you pack when you head to the rigs off Grand Isle, Fourchon or Cocodrie? These veteran charter captains help narrow down the options.

Offshore fishing to the west of Venice is a different game altogether. Variety is the name of the game in Southeast Louisiana ports such as Grand Isle, Port Fourchon and Cocodrie, where runs to the storied yellowfin tuna grounds are seen as untenably long.

Kayaks have become all the rage in the fishing community, but chasing redfish from paddle boards takes it one step farther. Learn how this guide mother-ships boards to the Theriot marsh and slams shallow reds.

At first I thought they looked silly. I mean, c’mon — two guys standing on surf boards fishing in the marsh. 

It sure wasn’t the guys that looked out of place. They were lean, rugged, suntanned outdoor types, both wearing full beards.

Big trout are starting to filter into Breton Sound this month, but they’re ganged up at the MRGO rocks. The only question is whether fishing the MRGO rocks should be your Plan A or Plan B?

It’s often said that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or brain surgeon) to know whatever obvious point a person is making.

While many anglers are heading to open water in search of trout this month, those in the know point their boats to the Pointe a la Hache marsh, where even those with smaller boats can limit out.

Tucked cozily near the end of the inhabited east bank of Plaquemines Parish is Pointe a la Hache. And, largely forgotten by many, Beschel’s Marina is the gateway to incredibly fertile speckled trout fishing grounds virtually year round.

The bass spawn is pretty much done for the year, but the shad spawn can kick off some crazy fishing. Here’s how to take capitalize for hefty sacks of bass.

It might sound rude, intrusive, bad form, but in lakes, ponds and rivers throughout the state it’s apparently just fine to interrupt the intimate moments of others.

Trout fishing is kicking off all along the coast, but we give you 10 locations you just have to fish. But there still are bass to be caught, if you understand how to target them when they come off their beds.