April 2015 - Volume 35, Number 4


This Union Parish team knows how to track down and kill gobblers. Here’s how they work together to outsmart wily old toms.

When people get married, their love forms a “perfect union.” It’s like our founding fathers planned for America, as in a more “perfect union” in the Preamble to our Constitution.

Is there one lure that is better than any other? These expert bass anglers believe spoons are just about perfect.

There lurks in every bass angler’s subconscious this question: If you could have only one lure, what would it be?

There are hundreds of thousands of acres in the Atchafalaya Basin, but this executive chef heads to the small village of Butte La Rose to load up on panfish, bass and catfish. And he does it all from a kayak.

Here it is — April. Your freezer is empty and you are hankering for fish. Your favorite fishing hole, the fabulous Atchafalaya Basin is overwhelmed with muddy, flood-stage river water.

Bluegill get most of the attention from panfish anglers, but don’t forget about chinquapin.

It’s a well-founded piscatorial propensity: Tell someone you’re heading off for a panfish mission and you’ll typically hear some bluegill-related reply.

Mangrove snapper are known for being hook shy, but this veteran guide has the fish all figured out. So load up the boat with your buddies, head to the rigs and follow his advice to fill the box.

I knew Capt. Kenny Heikamp was pretty good. I watched him work while fishing on a shared charter when I was with the near-legendary Grand Isle charter skipper Bobby Terrebonne. 

In April, numerous schools of Sabine Lake redfish invade the eastern, Louisiana shoreline chasing baitfish schools in and out of the marshes. Read on for locations, tips and tactics offered by two local tournament anglers toward catching a hefty limit of

Several schools of redfish stretching a quarter mile were heading toward the marshes. They were in feeding mode, smashing into juvenile pogies during a steep incoming tide.

You don’t have to have a big bay boat or fight the crowds this month to catch trout out of Cocodrie. Just head west to this guide’s spring playground.

Summertime speckled trout fishing in lower Terrebonne parish has long been lauded as some of the most-consistent action in terms of sheer numbers of fish.

Chicot Lake sac-a-lait can be finicky, but when you find them you can catch some real slabs. Here are some tips on how to catch the state’s official freshwater fish.

In 1993, the Louisiana Legislature designated the “white perch” as the state’s official freshwater fish. 

There is no better feeling of accomplishment than putting a bagging an adult tom. Here’s everything you need to know to close out the season with a bang.

If a survey was taken of all deer hunters in Louisiana and their method for hunting deer, I suspect the most-common way is to sit in a permanent box stand waiting for a deer to walk out into a food plot or visit the corn feeder.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

When weather conditions allow, break out of the marshes and ambush packs of speckled trout at the midway point between Grand Isle and Lafitte. Here’s all you need to know.

The battle of Midway, one of the most-decisive naval battles in all of World War II, was fought just six months after Pearl Harbor around a small atoll almost between Hawaii and Japan.

Winter has finally broken, the water is warming up fast and bream are gorging themselves. Learn everything you need to know to put together huge stringers of these tasty fish.