February 2015 - Volume 35, Number 2


If you’re in the market for a new boat, this month’s fiberglass showcase is a great starting point to learn what the top manufacturers offer.

Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part Sportsman Boat Showcase. Next month, top aluminum boats will be featured.

The ultimate fishing boat would be different things to different fishermen, depending on whether they exorcise their passion in inshore or coastal backwaters, lakes and rivers, or the bluewater deep.

Looking for a no-fail spot to load the boat with reds, specks and even bass this month? Head to Delacroix’s Oak River, where even a novice can catch fish.

In the days before levees channeled the Big Muddy, Oak River was a natural funnel for the mighty Mississippi. For centuries it was a conduit for fresh, muddy water, and silt and sediment gradually built up significant ridges that line Oak River to this day.

The 2014-15 deer-hunting season began with high expectations, and after a lackluster start the big deer really began to stack up. Here’s a wrap-up of all the action.

Louisiana is one of the sleeper states in terms of producing big bucks. While places like Kansas and Illinois get all the limelight, Bayou State hunters know there are some real giants roaming our forests.

Yep, fishing this month can be just miserable. But it also can be the best time of the year to catch big bass. So here’s where you need to fish and how you can tie into some great fish.

There is a certain mentality I have that makes me want to roll over and pull the covers over my head on the exact morning I’ve been waiting on to get in the deer stand.

Grubs aren’t flashy, and they’re not in vogue right now. But they downright catch bass, and this month is prime time for the diminutive lures.

They’re kind of like the short stop of your tackle box, only without all the glamor and star power. Indeed, grubs are a multi-talented category of soft plastics whose lack of fanfare starkly contrasts their versatility.

Bob Mitcham is more than a crappie enthusiast — he’s a crappie fanatic. And Lake D’Arbonne is where he goes to enjoy his addiction. Here’s how he mops up.

The first time I met Bob Mitcham, he had so much fishing equipment it took a 25-foot step-in cargo van to haul it all around.

Even if winter rains make turn the waters of the Saline-Larto complex into a muddy mess, there are fish to be caught — and these anglers know that yo-yos are sure to fill their ice chests.

It all began with a photograph.

Amber Bordelon sent it to Louisiana Sportsman magazine to see if they would print it. It looked like an avalanche of sac-a-lait, catfish, and bream.

It knocked my eyes out.

In 2014, there was a record parade of lunker bass taken from Toledo Bend. And 2015 promises to be just as good. So here are some tips on how to get in on the action.

The incredible lunker bass phenomenon on Toledo Bend is unprecedented. If you think about it, there has been no other time in Louisiana bass angling history when any lake has delivered so many bass weighing 10 pounds or more.

February is the coldest month of the year, but it's also the beginning of the big-bass season. Learn all you need to know to put more fish in the boat.