January 2015 - Volume 35, Number 1


Have you put the time into truly learning how to call ducks into shotgun range? These hunters — who have real duck-hunting chops — tell how to get the most out of your time in the blind.

The cracking light over the Grand Cheniere marsh skies foretold of a good hunt. We could see ducks trading back and forth in the dim light well before legal shooting time.

Winter has arrived and the deer hunting can still be hot, especially in Areas 1 and 6. But it’s not a cake walk. Here are some thoughts on how to score.

Winter officially began on Dec. 21, and January and February are the peak winter months for the Bayou State. Mother Nature has lowered the thermostat, and the number of deer hunting days are dwindling.

When the inevitable warm fronts move in, what’s a hunter to do? Take a break, and paddle these streams for some great fishing for spotted bass.

“You gotta be outcha mind!”

Artie was stuck on his favorite quip. Any suggestion from anyone in Doc’s den that festive evening provoked it, as Artie rolled his eyes and grimaced in mock horror.

But he had a point.

This wildlife management area might be better known for deer and squirrel hunting, but these men know there are also quick limits of ducks to be had.

The air was so cold it felt like icicles stabbing my lungs every time I inhaled. The Wilkins gang was launching their surface-drive boat off the Red River levee into a 1,200-acre greentree reservoir on Richard K. Yancey Wildlife Mangement Area.

If you’re suffering duck-hunting fatigue, the best is yet to come in Northeast Louisiana. So saddle up for one more month of hunting, and learn from these young guns.

Four big, curious greenhead mallards broke off the flight pattern from a group of 20 or so high-flying ducks and circled high above the decoy spread.

This group of men are on a mission to exterminate the explosion of wild hogs in Louisiana. Here’s how they do it — free of charge.

The hydraulics on the fork lift whined as it picked up the last pallet load of dead hogs.

Fork lift?

Pallet load? 

Yeah — that’s what is needed for 2 1/2 tons of dead hogs. 

Stumped by late-season deer hunting? Stop overcomplicating your strategies — get back to the basics and kill more bucks.

Every time I get a chance to chat with Warren Womack, I learn something new about deer hunting.

‘Primitive weapons’ have grown to a number of centerfired calibers, but these hunters are keeping the tradition of true muzzleloaders alive. And it’s about more than just deer hunting.

First, there were reproduction muzzleloaders. Then came in-lines with synthetic stocks and 9-power scopes, followed by .45-70s, .444 Marlins, and .35 Whelens.

The fishing is so good at this new Southeast Louisiana landmark that you’ll wonder why you’re not fishing it. Here’s how to mop up.

There are some very famous walls in our world. For instance, there’s the Great Wall of China, a historical monument and one of the rare, still-extant wonders of the ancient world. It stretches out over a distance of 5,000 miles and took two millenniums to build.

Forming agreements with neighboring hunters can produce great results, with plenty of does and more mature bucks to hunt.