November 2014 - Volume 34, Number 11


Hunting in the Southeast Louisiana piney woods isn’t about setting up in pretty, open bottoms. Instead, it’s about deciphering barely visible signs.

It was a tall order. You see, Doc’s nephew Kyle was bored with duck hunting. So his dad Gus finally had an excuse to bring him over for a weekend to Da Deer Camp.

Fall is a time when bass are chasing bait, and that means they can be here today and gone tomorrow. But these pros tell how to find consistency by focusing on current-funneling bridges.

The fall feeding frenzy is always an exciting time for bass anglers, as gluttonous green fish motivated by winter’s impending approach seem bent on testing their internal capacity.

Think topwaters are the best bet for landing Big Lake’s lunker trout? This guide took the author to school, teaching the fish-catching qualities of diminutive flies.

It’s no secret that the cool-weather months are one of the best times to fish for trophy speckled trout because fish roam the shallows and there’s less boat pressure than the busy summer months.

Killing Northeast Louisiana ducks takes more than just gearing up and striking out. This veteran hunter shares his tips for success.

Sometimes it just pays to be right in the place at the right time. That’s definitely the case with duck hunting.

Preseason preparation is the key to success when opening day of duck season arrives. Here are some tips on ensuring you’re ready to fill the strap.

The final minutes were counting down on the dawn of a new duck season. Visions of last season’s gray ducks hovering over the decoys had faded with time, and teal season was only a taste of what this hunter envisioned to satisfy his insatiable desire for the thrill of duck hunting.

After sweating to catch a few summer trout, take things easy this month as cooler weather turns on packs of trout and redfish that invade the marshes of Delacroix.

Ah, sweet November. Brisk air, falling leaves, cooler temperatures and the official end to hurricane season.

Technology is nice, but utilizing basic woodsmanship is still the key to consistent success. Here’s how to get the job done — using skills our fathers mastered.

On the cover of the 1942 issue of Field and Stream is a picture of a deer hunter who has suddenly encountered a great buck, presumably after having stalked deer for hours in the snow.

Gun seasons open this month, so it's time to really get down to business. Learn all you need to know to find those bucks, like this one taken last month by Zachary's Chris Evans, hiding on your property.