October 2014 - Volume 34, Number 10


From hunting in freezing precipitation to post-season scouting, these methods are proven.

The day, Dec. 23, 1998, was nasty and getting nastier, and the weatherman’s promise of sleet and freezing rain couldn’t have been more on target, falling over the north Louisiana landscape.

He’s talking hogs and deer on WMA, not LSU’s football game

“Kickoff’s at seven,” Artie reminded. “So we wanna get the backstraps in the smoker by mid-afternoon. Y’all be back by then, huh? And with some backstraps? Heck we need to marinate ’em a little beforehand.”

Bass don’t just chase shad up creeks and big mats yield big bites

Bass don’t need a calendar to know winter’s coming. 

Catching tuna behind hulking shrimp boats is an annual fall bonanza.

Kim Fouquier had the nose of our 29-foot Twin Vee Catamaran in the armpit of the huge 90-foot steel shrimp trawler, putting our bow tightly into the spot on the metal beast where its big outriggers sprang from its hull. 

Capt. Danos’ style offbeat but productive at this ol’ fishing hole

In the nine years since Hurricane Katrina, forays into one of my favorite fishing holes, Pointe a la Hache, have been few and far between, mainly due to a lack of fishing guides.

A failure in herd management costs time and money, and can take the fun out of hunting.

Deer hunting is big business. 

Hunters spend millions upon millions of bucks in the pursuit of big bucks.

A parish-by-parish study of state records gives a clear picture of where the big boys live, and defines trophies in different areas

When I retired from Wildlife and Fisheries in 2007, I predicted that within five years Louisiana would have a new state record typical buck. 

Here are tips to help ensure you set up your stand in the best spot for opening day.

How often have you heard a deer hunter say: “So many choices, so little time?” 

It all looks so fishy, but finding the hot spots is key

The inherent challenge of fishing the Delta marsh is that “everything looks fishy.”

Hunting season is finally here, so all you have to do now is be in position to score. This issue is packed with information to help you do just that.