September 2014 - Volume 34, Number 9


Deer hunting kicks off statewide next month, so it’s time to schedule your vacation. Here’s a rundown of the approaching rut so you can up your odds for success.

Feeding and breeding. These are the two activities bucks are involved with during the fall and winter months.

What can you do if you aren’t in a hunting club? Well, the state’s WMAs offer fantastic hunting opportunities. Here are some suggestions.

For $15, a hunter can hunt a wonderland of public lands and waters featuring the most-appealing habitat for big game, small game, migratory birds and other species in the Sportsman’s Paradise.

When doves descend on ag fields this month, they will be lucky to make it through the hail of lead. Here are some thoughts on how you can get in on the action.

Nearly forty years ago, I made my first dove hunt near the desert town of Orogrande, New Mexico, while on a six-year stint in the Air Force.

Catching more bass is often a matter of finding fish-friendly habitat by targeting shoreline disruptions. Touring pros share how they approach these fish-filled locations.

We stepped to the bow, angled the trolling motor and mentally prepared ourselves for prospecting a long stretch of bank.

Adding smell to your crappie baits increases appeal and results in more bites. Here are some expert thoughts.

If you hear Jerry Thompson order cheese on the burgers, you better clarify what he means before assuming it’s lunchtime. Word to the wise: Often the Toledo Bend crappie guide isn’t referring to the buns-and-beef — he’s talking about one of his favorite tricks for enhancing his crappie baits.

Last year’s teal season began with high expectations, but hunters either had great shooting or struggled to see a few birds. But this year promises to be better ­— if the birds fly south.

“Hmmm — six blue-winged teal would make for a nice day and plenty to eat,” I thought to myself the night before the opening day of the 2013 teal season. “Seriously? Six birds. One half dozen. Who’d of ever of thought the day would come?”

Have you ever gotten turned around in the woods or while fishing? If not, it can happen on any trip afield. Here are some tips on how to ensure you’ll be found.

It was one of the most unsettling moments in my 50 years of hunting. In 30 minutes I had gone from standing in a familiar spot to being completely turned around.

If the teal don’t show up this month, no worries.! Just head to this coastal fishing hamlet for some close-in redfish action — and hear your drag sing.

Pelayo’s scouting report was as bleak as the LDWF’s aerial report. And both destroyed the giddy forecasts from DU and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife folks.

Vermilion Bay’s Marsh Island provides some excellent redfishing opportunities. Learn how this expert fly fisherman beat the conditions to boat these hard-fighting drum.

Keith Richard never had a chance at figuring out what was going on when he walked into Stillwater Outfitters fishing guide Steve Smith’s Cypremort Point camp.

It’s been a tough year overall for trout fishermen in the Barataria system, but there are still nice trout still to be caught at Fourchon Beach and its waterbreaks. You just have to know the right approach.

So it’s been a slow season for trout. The usual summer slam we expect every year never quite materialized, and anglers and guides alike have scratched their heads, wondering if this season is an ominous portend of things to come.

Hunting season opens next month, so it's time to make plans for where you'll spend your weekends.