August 2014 - Volume 34, Number 8


Sure, you could stay home and soak up the air conditioning this month. But this angler knows Black Bayou Reservoir near Benton is full of big black crappie.

It was going to be a typical late-summer day — muggy with a high in the upper 90s. Normally, I would have stayed inside under the air conditioning, but on this particular morning I was off to Black Bayou Reservoir near Benton.

The heat is on this month, but trout are still swimming in Breton Sound just waiting to be fed. Here’s what to use and how to find them during the dog days of summer.

The urban dictionary of slang defines a “beat-down” as when you pummel or repeatedly beat something (or someone) into submission.

Lake Claiborne is stacked with stripers, and this lifelong angler knows exactly what it takes to put these hard fighters in the boat.

After an hour chasing sparse schools of striped bass across boat lanes, creek channels, coves and finally out into the big lake without a single strike, Donny Hood stopped for a second, calmly set his rod down and moved to the driver’s seat of his 22-foot Blazer Bay bay boat dubbed the Miss Judy.

Deer are under pressure from urban sprawl, hog invasions and disease, but there’s an argument to be made that Louisiana hunters are living the high life.

By the turn of the 20th century, Louisiana’s deer herd was in trouble. Non-stop hunting by people trying to put meat on the table, and market hunters supplying restaurants with venison and leather clothiers with hides was pushing the herd to the brink.

Big cats are an under-utilized angling option on the Mississippi River, but they are plentiful — and they get big. These experts share secrets to finding and putting these bruisers in the boat.

I’ve gotta admit: When Ryan Lambert first showed me the cell phone video, I thought I was looking at a bunch of big bluegill busting bread at the surface.

Trout and redfish don’t disappear from the Calcasieu system when the heat of summer blasts the area. Here are some tips on how to continue catching plenty of fish.

While many Calcasieu Lake anglers were bemoaning the lack of fishing success last August, Moss Bluff’s Ray Christy was enjoying great action.

Extreme crankbaits show deep bass —and redfish — attractive profiles that can result in extra bites on hot summer days. But it’s not as easy as just chunking and winding. Here’s how to make these super lures work for you.

They’re big, they’re bad and they’re a handful to sling — those giant crankbaits that have exploded onto the bass-fishing scene over the past couple of years.

Amberjacks are short on pretty, but long on brutality. Here’s how to gear up to do battle with these bullies of the Gulf

If you’re looking for fancy, graceful or aesthetically pleasing, amberjacks will disappoint you. If, on the other hand, an arm-stretching, back-straining lesson in brutality sounds fun, you’ll really enjoy hanging out with the fish marine biologists call Seriola dumerili.

Deer management has been all the rage in recent years, and that has sparked much debate about what bucks should and shouldn’t be taken. Here are some thoughts.

Patiently you wait, enduring the cold conditions. Finally the woodland silence is broken by the slight rustling of withered leaves as the game you’ve been pursuing makes its presence known.

Most big-trout anglers carefully hide their hotspots, refusing to give other anglers clues to their successes. But this angler gave up his secrets to summertime Grand Isle lunkers.

“He is consistently catching large fish. I haven’t seen anyone enjoy the success that he has. It is nothing short of miraculous.” Patrick Bonin, Internet managing editor of Louisiana

Some have complained of tough fishing this summer, but there are some whopper trout around Grand Isle -- if you know where to fish. And it's also time to start thinking about hunting season.