July 2014 - Volume 34, Number 7


Think it takes all day to catch a limit of redfish? This angler disproves that by regularly catching his fish reds before his workday begins. Here’s his approach.

Hunter Marcel is the sportsman’s version of the old U.S. Army recruitment ad from the early 1980s: The 23-year-old Houma native does more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day. 

Fish these four Black Bay hotspot to catch all the trout you can handle this month.

July anglers can sometimes let a little heat and humidity intimidate them.

Those fields of lily pads are more than just fish magnets — they’re a source of some of great food. Here’s how one Des Allemands resident takes advantage of the bounty.

The grizzled, mustachioed swamper was running his aluminum boat in circles and hooks in what was officially called a lake but in reality was more a jungle of aquatic plants than water.

Get off the beaten path and use these expert tips to fill your ice chest with chunky North Louisiana bream.

Everything a bream fisherman would need was within easy reach of Dr. Ray Jones in the front of his fishing boat. As he eased his boat though the waters of Black Bayou Lake in Monroe, that became apparent rather quickly.

Sure, you can burn the gas to get out to Gosier Island and catch some nice trout this month. But this is what you need to know if you want to burn a fraction of the gas and have non-stop action.

The sun peeked over the eastern horizon from behind murky clouds, while an easterly breeze carried the scent of rotting catfish and stingrays that littered the shoreline.

Surf fishing can be extremely effective, or it can be maddening. Here are some keys to help you be more effective when wading along the state’s beaches.

My mom used to rebut my anti-broccoli sentiment with that classic parental logic line: “You’ll never know if you like it unless you try it.”

Stay cool when the fishing is hot by heading out after the sun goes down. And all you need for success are a few lights.

As the sun began its lazy descent on the last day of a busy work week, a figure emerged silhouetted against the setting sun. At the end of one arm swung a tackle box, while the other arm clinched two half-crossed fishing poles.

The Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion did more than introduce fresh water to the marshes southeast of New Orleans. It also created bass-fishing nirvana

We’ve come a long way since virtually everyone in Southeast Louisiana used the term “green trout” to refer to largemouth bass. One of Louisiana’s first conservation laws on the books was for the protection of New Orleans green trout populations.

If you could take only one bait on your next bass-fishing trip, what would it be? These two touring pros share their thoughts.

No self-respecting angler would wager his entire day on a single bait. Diversity breeds opportunity, and keeping options handy fosters confidence.

It's been a weird spring, but the trout are finally showing up. That means fishing is busting loose no matter what part of the coast you fish.