June 2014 - Volume 34, Number 6


You never know what’s going to bite when you lower a bait offshore, but that’s what keeps this captain going back for more. Learn how he targets red and mangrove snapper while he enjoys the lagniappe of the Gulf.

The deeply tanned, athletically-built 65-year-old man was standing in the shade beneath Bridgeside Marina on Grand Isle. He was responding to a question about offshore charter guiding. 

Fishing Bay Eloi this month is akin to visiting heaven for trout fishermen. Here are tips for success from three guides who spend a lot of time in the area.

Do you ever wonder how the lakes and bays we fish in got their names? You have to admit, we traverse some waters with interesting names like Fishing Smack Bay, White Log Lake and Dead Duck Pass, just to name a few.

Every bass angler knows vegetation attracts their prey, but what do you do when faced with miles of salad? These pros tell you how to focus your efforts.

It’s that time of year when homeowners swell with pride as neighbors, guests and passersby pass out compliments.

Redfish and trout might get most of the glory in the annual STAR, but don’t forget about the offshore categories. Here are tips from last year’s winners.

A staple in the summertime plans of many Louisiana saltwater anglers has been CCA Louisiana’s Statewide Tournament and Anglers Rodeo, a summer-long, multi-weigh station event stretching from the Texas state line all the way to Mississippi.

Kayaks offer an affordable way to get out on the water, but there are some considerations. Here are some tips on how to rig up your first ’yak.

Warming weather, active fish — we’re all feeling the urge to indulge in a little after hours angling action. Options are many, but for stealth and access, it’s hard to beat a kayak.

Yeah, blind casting will put redfish in the boat. But this accomplished tournament fisherman has a lot more fun watching his reds eat lures.

It really did look jes’ like a big ole orange punkin in the water — except for those two big, black eyes staring back at me. I knew it could see us standing high up on the boat’s platform, just as well as we could see it.

Louisiana’s Red River has been named as one of the top 25 bass-fishing destinations in the country by Bassmaster, and these anglers tell how to take advantage of the river’s healthy fishery.

Louisiana bass anglers are cantankerously serious about catching their fish. And finding locations with lots of bass action can be an emotional, recurring endeavor when planning fishing trips, vacations and — especially —bass club tournaments.

The Ouachita River stretches from north of the Arkansas state line to the Tensas River west of Sicily Island, and it’s packed with bass. These college students provide some lessons on how to catch them.

Trapper Munn navigated the boat out of the big river and through the trees into the small river lake off the Ouachita River. In several spots, subtle current came around points and over shallow sandbars.

The rising and falling Atchafalaya Basin can be maddening for panfishermen, but the fish stack up when the conditions fall into place. Here’s what to look for.

Hunched over my computer, deep in thought, I was interrupted by one of the young men from the engineering department. Michael Broussard is an avid sac-a-lait fisherman who also chases chinquapins, bluegills and goggle eyes during the summer.

With weather finally stabilizing, the trout bite is on if you know where and how to fish. But there's also great bass fishing opportunities this month. We tell you how to put more fish in the boat.