November 2013 - Volume 33, Number 11


The Doc says to fill your fall trout and redfish prescription out of Delacroix — and he’s mapped out exactly how to do it.

You’ve heard of situations described as “win-win-win.” How about one that’s “Win-Wynn-when?”

Youth get first crack at duck hunting this month. So be prepared and watch the next generation duck hunters become fanatics.

A long offseason crept to a close as the final weeks were counted down leading up to the last year’s waterfowl seasons.

Follow these eight steps to walk right up and tag that big buck you’ve been chasing.

Decades ago, most people deer hunted either by using dogs or quietly stalking through the woods. Today, both methods seem to be dying out because of the land lease system and the increasing popularity of climbing and box stands. 

The deer season has arrived, and if you are like most people you have lots of pre-season photos of bucks. Now comes trigger time, but do you shoot or let it walk?

A new age of deer management and hunting was ushered in when the concept of quality deer management began to sweep across the Southeast United States and eventually into the Bayou State.

Hunting deer in Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge’s tangled piney woods is a far cry from the storied hunts in the wide-open Midwest, but there’s a simple key that will put meat on the ground nonetheless.

“Now, during most of the day,” my cousin-in-law Al frowned, “the big bucks hole up in this thick stuff. This timber sure makes for tough hunting at times!”

Deer hunting means you have choices to make: Should you shoot that buck that walks out or let it live another year?