October 2013 - Volume 33, Number 10


A hunt doesn’t end with the pull of the trigger or release of an arrow. Here are some tips to help find even the most-wily deer after it’s been wounded.

It is often at the most disheartening times that we have an epiphany and realize we must change our ways. For Thibodaux’s Joshua Chauvin, that defining moment came when he was just 17 years old.

The lower Tchefuncte River provides easy access to speckled trout, redfish, black drum, flounder and plenty of largemouth bass.

There are certain anglers who wait for Internet reports to tell them where to fish. If an area heats up, they find out about it, and then they hitch up the boat to go share in the fun.

In the fall, the Calcasieu River delivers plenty bass action for anglers who take time to learn its secrets. Here’s what to expect this fall.

Eyebrows were raised this spring and summer as the Calcasieu River coughed up double-digit bass.

Humans rely on eyesight and memory to distinguish other folks, but a whitetail’s world of communication is performed primarily through the work of glands and scents.

Scent pheromones and their distinct odors are instinctively utilized by whitetails to convey a realm of communication related to dominant hierarchy and sexual interactions.

This hunter knows the secret to scoring meat for the table with a bow ­— and how to up his odds of taking a mature buck. Here’s how he does it.

Dan Preaus, owner of Shelter Insurance agency in Ruston, has been a bow hunter for the past 10 seasons. Hunting on Shiloh Hunting Club as well as family land in Union Parish, he has learned and accomplished a lot as a bow hunter.

This New Orleans chef has found a way to combine his love of the outdoors, his passion for cooking and taste for pork. Here’s how he got there and some recipes for wild hog.

Last month, we left Chef Mark Falgoust and Bill Borges, president of New Orleans Fish House, admiring the impressive tusks of a wild boar Falgoust had just shot. 

Looking for some great fall action? Place your bet on these Lafitte hotspots, where everyone is a winner.

October changes everything. In gaming parlance, you’d say it reshuffles the deck and ups your odds for a winning hand.

This angler lets the hunters have the woods. When the calendar turns from September to October, his heart draws him to the Florida Parishes’ rivers.

Joe Lavigne saw more deer than probably half the Louisiana hunters who had humped their way up trees one morning last October.

Public lands on Lake Pontchartrain’s north shore are the perfect targets for bow hunters who want to get a shot at deer before the rifle-bearing hordes hit the woods.

Temperature’s dropping to 48! But it’s two days after Christmas. Getting in your deerstand for dawn? Probably. But you’re not really pumped for the occasion.

With the opening of bow season, it's important to set up just right to ambush that buck you've been seeing on trail-cam photos.