September 2013 - Volume 33, Number 9


Dove season provides the first taste of fall hunting, and fields will fill with hunters looking to knock the rust off their shooting skills. Here’s why you need to be at your field early and set up wisely.

My brother-in-law jockeyed for position along the line of trucks, ATVs and UTVs lining up down a long gravel driveway beside a farm shed in Tensas Parish.

Now is the time to start plan out your deer hunting season — and vacation days — to up the odds of connecting with a buck. Here are predictions on when the big boys will be on the move.

Many factors can impact the breeding season of deer but, for the most part, breeding activity occurs during the same month every year.

Find where bucks prefer to spend their down time, and the odds of connecting move solidly in your favor.

Editor’s note: Tommy Kirkland has spent years observing deer behavior as a photographer. This story shares some of the knowledge he has gained in the field. This story was written with Marie Kirkland.

Trout anglers are at the mercy of Mother Nature, but the waters out of Delacroix are always teeming with redfish that are ready to pounce.

The winds were already blowing when I stepped out of my truck onto the dock by Capt. Ron “Ahab” Broadus’ boat dock down in Delacroix Island.

The Sabine River isn’t very well known except to locals, but these anglers know it provides some great bass fishing.

In the corner of his eye, Lake Charles’ Ken Chaumont spied what he was looking for. On a weedy point on the Louisiana side of the Sabine River across from Orange, Texas, balls of “rain shad,” as he called them, were erupting from the water.

Hogs have become a scourge in many areas, and these hunters are doing everything they can to hunt them out. Here’s how they do it, and how they use the meat.

The 150-pound boar hit the ground kicking and squealing wildly. Mark Falgoust’s 150-grain .30-06 smashed into the neck, perfectly placed to minimize meat damage.

Now is the time to start planning out your hunting season, and the annual WMA guide is a great tool.