Volume 33 Number 7 - July 2013


Capt. Paul Davidson Jr. will use the Carolina rig in an effort to catch better quality trout than what’s usually under the birds in Calcasieu Lake. Carolina (rig) on my mind — Fishing guides tell how to load up with Carolina rigs at Calcasieu Lake
In the summertime, these Hackberry fishing guides anchor in the Calcasieu Lake Ship Channel to catch trout after trout. Here’s how they do it.
During the summer, the vast majority of Calcasieu Lake anglers will be fishing under birds for the small school trout in Turner’s Bay and other areas south of this point. ...
Chris Berzas

Capt. Owen “Big O” Langridge knows right now is the prime time for great island fishing. Chain Gang
When winds die down and Breton Sound turns to glass, head to Breton and Gossier islands for some of consistent trout action.
Sometimes you just have to drop whatever you’re doing and go fishing. Call in sick, take a vacation day, cancel the dentist appointment, postpone that emergency appendectomy (well, OK, maybe not that), but do (almost) whatever it takes to break ...
Rusty Tardo

Sand tilefish are peculiar-looking creatures, but Pellegrin finds them delicious on the table. Cocodrie Wonderland — Fish for exotic species around this offshore oasis
While most offshore anglers hit rigs and artificial reefs for a few red snapper and perhaps some AJs, this captain heads to natural hard bottoms and fills his box with a wide variety of species few would recognize.
Our boat was drifting on a cobalt-blue sea about 220 over a limestone-capped, coralline-encrusted “mountain.” We were out to catch what our skipper, Tommy Pellegrin, called “Cocodrie exotics” — a term he uses to describe the big variety of reef ...
Jerald Horst

Once you dial in the right presentation speed, you can expect multiple hookups. Crappie Cops — Tips for summertime crappie-fishing success
Covering water and watching the speed limit are keys to success when crappie scatter during the oppressive summer heat.
Thoughts of summertime crappie tactics often center on reaction-bite strategies — crankbaits, vertical jigging and the like. ...
David A. Brown

Bootsie Toups hoists the 5.22-pound speckled trout that was a winner in the CCA Louisiana STAR contest in 2012. Island Elite — How to catch specks for the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo
Consistently showing up in the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo standings isn’t easy, but this trout angler has it down to a science. Here’s how he snags those lunker specks.
There are fishing rodeos all across south Louisiana, but there is only one International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo. ...
Andrew Canulette

Although unseen above the water, the many oyster reefs in Lake Pelto are the perfect spots for fishing a drop shot. Natural Selection ­— How to increase trout-fishing odds
Evolving as an angler is the only way to move from a simple weekend warrior to a serious fisherman. This anglers proved that when he determined to step up his game.
You’re not going to convince me that my ancestors evolved from apes. ...
Chris Ginn

The outdoors has been a great office to work in for Bob Marshall. One Man’s View — One of Louisiana’s only full-time outdoor writers talks about his career
Bob Marshall spent just more than four decades writing about Louisiana’s hunting and fishing as one of the state’s only full-time newspaper outdoor writers. Find out how he got started and what kept him motivated.
The shoulders of Bob Marshall’s career trail as an outdoor writer are littered with dead sacred cows.  ...
Jerald Horst

Capt. Ted DeAgano III has been fishing the Delacroix/Hopedale area since he was 2 years old. Poptology — Tips for fishing popping corks for Delacroix trout
Popping corks are nothing new to coastal anglers, but this Delacroix captain has some thoughts on the best ways to fish them.
Momma didn’t raise no fool: I’ve always been a quick study. And Hopedale/Delacroix fishing guide Capt. Ted DeAgano has always been a teacher. ...
John Flores

When redfish aren’t stacked in one spot, Jason Shilling continues to catch them by quickly fishing lots of spots to find scattered fish. Snow Days — How to fish Lafitte depends on weather in the frozen North
Lafitte’s redfish action can be as scalding as the weather this month — but just how hard you have to work to limit out is dependent upon the spring weather far up the Mississippi River.
Storm clouds loomed over Capt. Jason Shilling’s head as he idled away from Seaway Marina in Lafitte with the intention of heading toward Lake Salvador. ...
Chris Ginn

Topwaters may offer high-pitched rattling or low-frequency knocking sounds. Tantalizing Topwaters — How to maximize fishing odds with surface baits
You could switch to soft-plastic lures and flip cover when the heat rises this month — or you can adjust your approach to fishing topwater lures and watch bone-crushing strikes.
So I’m sitting in the middle of the lake with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins as he chats boat-to-boat with a fellow tournament pro, when the telltale flipping, splashing and ravenous commotion signalled schooling bass even before we ...
David A. Brown

Dirk Matherne is happy with his overnight catch of turtles. Turtle Man — How to catch, clean and cook turtles
Some might consider turtles little more than potential pets — or some exotic meal in a fancy restaurant. But this Lafourche Parish native eats them whenever he can catch them.
Louisiana sportsmen do some odd things. ...
Jerald Horst

Whether you use a live dwarf crawfish or a chartreuse crankbait, Florida-Parish spotted bass will inhale them both. Up the Creek — How to catch bream, Kentucky bass and catfish in Florida Parishes streams
When summer heat makes a day on the water seem almost like work, the cool waters of the Florida Parishes streams offer some relief — and some great fishing.
The weatherman called for a scorcher as Artie called for another beer. But the keg balked — coughing and sputtering and foaming. ...
Humberto Fontova

  Weather should settle this month, making it easy to fill boxes with trout.
Photo By Will Drost


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