Volume 32 Number 12 - December 2012


Quality deer management will produce results if you manage both the habitat and the herd. Balancing Act
A balanced deer herd is an important part of any quality deer management program — and that means shooting more bucks.
We used to say at the deer camp not to shoot the does, now it’s don’t shoot the bucks. My how things have changed!

By now most everyone in the deer hunting community knows what the letters QDM stand for. Quality deer management is ...

Dave Moreland

Nick Poe has been fishing deep soft plastics with fluorocarbon line due to its lack of stretch and increased sensitivity. City Limits — Lake Charles, Lake Prien full of winter speckled trout
Big Lake gets all the trout-fishing glory in Southwest Louisiana, but look just up the Calcasieu River for a gold mine where fishing is almost too easy.
Capt. Nick Poe just knew back in June he would be having one of the most hellacious fall and winter fishing seasons he had ever experienced on the Calcasieu estuary.

“We got a big rain in June,” the Big Lake Guide Service ...

Chris Ginn

The frenzied specks hit Catch 5 lures with abandon. Corked! How a popping cork could save your fishing trip
Learn why this accomplished St. Bernard Parish guide uses a cork with almost religious fervor to put trout in the boat day after day.

Scrunch, Scrunch, Schrunch! The heavy frost on the vehicle’s windshield wasn’t yielding easily to my efforts.

“Man, it’s cold. What am I doing going trout fishing?” I asked myself. The day before, young-gun ...
Jerald Horst

This 166 5/8 B&C, immense 12-pointer arrowed by Mark Huval — second cousin to Roland Dugas, is now the new No. 3 trophy whitetail buck in the archery division of the Louisiana Big Game Records. It was taken on lands managed by Dugas and his family. Family matters — Quality deer management is a family matter on this land
Deer hunting is quickly becoming as much about management as about shooting. Read on as Baton Rouge’s Roland Dugas describes his family’s approach to growing bucks.
Mark Huvall had seen a huge deer several times over the past few years, and now the buck was walking right into his lap.

“He walked up to within 6 yards of my blind,” Huvall said. “I released my arrow and watched him take off. I ...

Chris Berzas

Grayson on left and Martin Close stayed on hair-trigger alert for ducks in fog. Footsteps of a ghost
Catahoula Lake is hallowed ground in the duck-hunting world, and no one knew that better than the late Chuck Buckley. Take a walk through those grounds in his shadow.
It was a hypnotizingly peaceful afternoon. I shuffled along the banks of Little River, head down, searching intently for a pottery shard, an arrowhead — anything that the area’s first inhabitants might have left behind.

The sun’s ...

Jerald Horst

Bryce Michel says that Terrebonne Parish produces a surprising number of 3 to 4-pound speckled trout. In the Zone — Keep catching specks this month in Cocodrie
Cold weather doesn’t stop the bite in the Cocodrie area. Follow this guide’s advice to load the boat all month.
So I asked him, “What’s the best speckled trout spot on the central coast in December?”

Before he answered, he fixed his lazer-like eyes on me with a look on his face that said, “Everyone knows the answer to that.”

He ...

Jerald Horst

New ducks that come down with cold fronts tend to be a lot easier to fool with decoys and calls than the resident ducks that have seen and heard it all. Jump Around
These hunters have learned that you can sit in stationary blinds and hope ducks come to you — or you can move around and find out where the birds really want to be.
I always wondered while fishing during the winter if all those ducks I kept jumping in the river lakes just off the Ouachita River between Monroe and West Monroe would eventually return to that same spot.

I imagined myself sneaking ...

Chris Ginn

By Christmas this buck had our timetable and stand routine patterned perfectly. So we changed it and ambushed him. It's not rocket science. Second Split Stand-off — Move stands to see more late-season deer
This late in the season, pieny woods deer often ignore food plots — at least during the daytime. But make a subtle change, and the results could be deer on the ground.
Da Saints had just stomped Da Falcons in Da Dome. Da Tigers were scheduled to stomp Bama at the championship the following week. And a perfectly-timed (for hunting) holiday cold-front was barreling through.

So spirits were soaring ...

Humberto Fontova

The lack of vegetation this year doesn’t concern Pike too much because he feels ducks like these come eat the stuff he can see as much as what he can’t see. Sock Knocker
Teal season might not have been extraordinary in St. Bernard Parish, but this guide said he thinks the regular duck season should be bang up. Here’s why.
This past teal season didn’t exactly knock Capt. Chris Pike’s socks off. The Delacroix charter captain and duck-hunting guide hunted every day, and although he had some decent hunts, most days ended with a few empty spots on his duck strap.
Chris Ginn

Tadpole McLeod's giant non-typical state record Tensas buck. Tadpole’s Tensas — Tactics for Tensas NWR deer hunting
This 54-year-old bowhunter’s lifetime of chasing Tensas National Wildlife Refuge bucks led to a state-record archery buck last season. And his approach isn’t very complicated.
It was Jan. 7 of this year and Alton “Tadpole” McLeod was hunting an area of Tensas National Wildlife Refuge he had not previously hunted. He found a deer trail and a suitable tree for his climbing stand overlooking the trail and got set up.
Keith LaCaze

The author and Kajun Kayak co-owner Corey Coghlan chose the Port of Fourchon for their winter redfish run. The Fourchon Freeze — Kayaks are perfect for catching redfish in Port Fourchon’s fish-filled waters
OK, so the water around Port Fourchon might not freeze, but the redfish are thick and waiting for you to paddle right up to them.
The Port of Fourchon is not the frozen tundra that Green Bay Packer fans so fondly depict their hometown as being. Nor do the surrounding waters of the port freeze, as some of those seen on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.”

John Flores

Efforts are paying off and Thistlethwaite Wildlife Management Area is growing big bucks. Thistlethwaite Theorem — This WMA is the focus of a successful QDM experiment
Eight years ago state managers began an experiment designed to grow quality bucks on Thistlethwaite WMA. Those efforts seem to be paying off in spades.
Gerald Ducote of Melville had reason to be optimistic on Dec. 26.

He, his father Kirt Rodriguez and his brother-in-law Jason Bergeron had left the woods that evening after seeing 1 ½- year-old bucks and spikes chasing does within the ...

Chris Berzas

Wildlife Research Center’s patented Magnum Scrape-dripper releases scent when hunters are hunting. Using Common Scents — The ins and outs of deer scents
The effectiveness of deer attractant scents is hotly debated, but these hunters think they are important — at times.

As the story goes, Jake Spangler’s grandfather owned a meat market back during the depression years of the last century. Each Saturday the butcher would take an old man he knew a piece of meat just to help him out.

As time went on, ...
John Flores

Capt. Dave Marino of Myrtle Grove Charters stands atop his poling platform. Wilkerson’s Wonderland — Myrtle Grove’s Wilkerson Canal offers great redfishing options
You could drive right through Myrtle Grove and never realize you’re passing up some top-notch redfishing grounds. This guide knows better.
Maybe you’ve thought of Myrtle Grove as a mere blip in the road, a tiny hamlet somewhere between Ironton and West Pointe a la Hache, a place you whiz by on your way to more notable destinations, such as Buras, Empire and Venice.

But ...

Rusty Tardo