October 2011 - Volume 31, Number 10


Big Lake’s “other” fish seems to take over the water body this month.

It would be safe to say that redfish are more of a postscript at Calcasieu Lake than a primary attraction. Speckled trout rule the roost.

Trout, redfish abound at Bayou DuLarge

Doin’ the DU (pronounced “dew”) may sound like a 1960s dance fad, like doin’ the twist, or the watusi, or the hully gully.

Put in now for a lottery hunt on Sherburne WMA. It may just be the time of your life.

A hit song by the late John Denver, way back in 1974, has lyrics that go, “Well life on the farm is mighty laid back, Ain’t much an old country boy like me can’t hack. It’s early to rise, early in the sack, thank God I’m a country boy.”

Everyone seems to forget about this popular sport this time of year, but you can’t beat being in the swamp during a cool autumn night.

Before Doc’s brother Clay returned to his exile in Atlanta, the wives decided we’d treat him to dinner — but at a fancy restaurant rather than at the usual raucous dinner party featuring the usual bull-red courtboullion, spawning sow-speck roe fritters and button-buck fajitas.

Tote your bow to any of these WMAs, and you won’t care for one moment that you don’t have a high-dollar lease.

Louisiana deer hunters can get a little pugnacious when somebody starts talking about how good deer hunting is at their local wildlife management area. No matter how long their laundry list of logic may be, it mainly boils down to them not wanting any additional hunting pressure where they frequently hunt.

Crappie fishing comes alive on Black Lake

Northwest Louisiana is blessed with a number of beautiful cypress-studded lakes that have long served as magnets for area fishermen. Lakes such as Bistineau, Black, Saline, Iatt and Nantachie were created hundreds of years ago by the Great River Raft, a massive log jam that clogged Red River from about modern-day Boyce to near Shreveport.

Love looking at the photos from your trail cameras? Why not take those photos and use them to help tweak your deer-management program?

Prairieville hunter David Ellis is like many hunters these days, setting up trail cameras on his hunting property near Natchez, Miss., to see if he has any monster bucks roaming the 160 acres.

Think corks are too clunky to attract bites from redfish in shallow water? Actually, this team is proving there may not be a better way to fish them.

Tournament redfishing — love it or hate it — has played an unquestioned role in two things: 1) permanently etching Louisiana as the redfish mecca, and 2) establishing competitors as innovators in catching fish regardless of conditions.

Hurricane Katrina blew this angler to a landlocked state, but that doesn’t keep him from fishing the marshes of Louisiana.

Not even halfway between Breton Island and the mouth of Baptiste Collette, Capt. Larry Averitt eased back on his throttle. As his custom aluminum bay boat settled into the chop, he turned around to inform his customers that he was going to have to go to plan B.

Previous buck trophies give Louisiana hunters hints for hotspots

What is a trophy buck?

This is pretty much a subject for debate at every hunting camp in the state. It is also a subject written about every year in the many hunting magazines across the country.

Couple tag-teams Venice autumn specks

I first met Gail Curtis because of a big fish — a 7.1-pound speckled trout with which she won the Ladies Division of the 2009 Gulf Coast Conservation Association STAR Tournament. She caught the winning fish on a live croaker under a sliding cork at the Southwest Pass rock jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Except for the rut, there's no better time to kill a trophy buck than the early bow season.