August 2011 - Volume 31, Number 8


Resurgent Grand Gosier Island once again a summer hotspot for speckled trout

It’s a 35-minute boat ride from Lafitte to Grand Gosier Island.

Calcasieu’s 3 other lakes offer strong speckled trout action

Gary Medicis and wife Amelia launched at Prien Lake Park with trout on their minds. The fishing had been pretty easy lately, with birds telling them exactly where specks were feeding on the multitude of bait.

White Lake teal lottery the surest thing in duck hunting

There are few guarantees in life, which in itself is somewhat of a gamble. But if I were to advise someone to bet on a sure thing, it would be to put in for the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area Teal Season Lottery this month.

Beat August’s oppressive heat by targeting monster trout under the lights.

As the blistering heat of the summer sun began its lazy retreat, shadows lurking in the background began to appear. These souls were creatures of the night, vampires and werewolves of the coast that roam these waters, hidden from sight during the light of day.

One day’s dozer work radically changed this little slice of Washington Parish.

In a text message on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, Todd Masson responded to my “You’ve got to be kidding me,” message that I had just sent him at 7:30 after hearing a shot ring out from his direction, “Three deer were at feeder ... Joel shot but I think he missed. He was a nervous wreck.”

The marsh in this area looks nothing like it used to, but the summertime fishing is as good as ever.

Zak’s cork hit a swell right under the hovering laughing gulls and vanished.

Angler targets bull croakers in summer, fall

Scott Castaing has a sense of where he’s come from. That’s one of the reasons his favorite kind of fishing is for croakers big enough to fillet.

State offers fall turkey shoot at popular WMA

“Déjà vu all over again.” That’s what former New York Yankees catching great Yogi Berra called it, and I got a taste of it last hunting season.

Decisions you make during deer season greatly impact herd

Most deer hunters in Louisiana by now should know something about Quality Deer Management (QDM). It has been preached not only in this state but throughout the Southeast for the past 20 years.

Mangrove hunters Morgan Baudoin, Ashley Mousseau, Emma Taylor and Tony Taylor couldn't care less that red snapper ar no longer in season.