July 2011 - Volume 31, Number 7


Trout thick at Cocodrie’s Raccoon Island

Kids need action to stay interested.

Nearshore rigs hold best summertime action

"It’s a bird!" gasped Eddie while pointing up. "No! It’s a plane! No! It’s a PIG!"

More hunters targeting wild hogs at night

The concept of fair chase is a hallmark tenet of hunters around the globe. Basically, it means that hunters give the game they target a fair and fighting chance to outwit the hunter and leave him hungry for another chess match in the field.

Live bait delivers Barataria Bay speckled trout strikes

Except for the glittering lights of Lafitte on one side of the bayou and Barataria on the other, the night was pitch-black. It was a beautiful sight on Bayou Barataria.

EI-74 ground zero for excellent Spanish mackerel action

A drip of sweat somehow traveled along the Neanderthalic eyebrow-hidden bumps of my forehead and passed down the lens of my cheater eyeglasses. The sweat stung my eye, blurred my vision and complicated my efforts to thread some monofilament through the eye of a 3/8-ounce jighead.

Speckled trout or redfish, live baits or plastics, rising tide or falling tide. Every month Louisiana Sportsman has several articles discussing the myriad details of saltwater fishing.

Cocodrie couple catches Whiskey Pass speckled trout

Things have changed an awful lot in Cocodrie since Dr. Sam Field started fishing down there in the 1970s. What used to be a rustic camp destination has turned into a refined resort of sorts.

Spillway opening pushes fish to unusual places

Unless you are strictly a freshwater angler, the opening of the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway has definitely altered your fishing plans for the summer. On May 9, the Corps of Engineers began opening the bays of the spillway to divert some of the rising river water into Lake Pontchartrain, and from there into the Gulf. Eventually they would open 330 of the projects 350 bays, sending enough fresh water into the lake to make it a virtual extension of the Mississippi River.

July is month to apply for public-land alligator tags

When out-of-state people think about Louisiana, they think, “Alligators.” Louisiana has long had a reputation for alligators and alligator hunting. Most of us older folks remember Jerry Reed’s song, “Amos Moses was a Cajun, he lived by hisself in the swamp, he hunted alligators for a livin’, just knocked ‘em in the head with a stomp.”

Swimbaits deliver Louisiana bass

About the only way to make a soft-body swimbait more user-friendly would be teaching it to tie its own knot. Short of that, just sling one out, wind it back and note how this hunk of molded plastic excels at doing the work for you.

Toledo Bend angler Joe Joslin is a big fan of swimbaits.