June 2011 - Volume 31, Number 6


Now’s the time to bring soil samples to your county agent so you can use the right amount of lime to take the acidity out of your food plots.

“Does pH really matter?” Don Schmidt asked rhetorically as he began discussing this element of food-plot planting.

Black Bay’s many wellheads hold plenty of summertime speckled trout

Meteorology isn’t real science. It’s like alchemy, in which so-called scientists worked to turn base metals into gold. Alchemists never got around to actually producing any gold, and meteorologists rarely do more than guess at what will happen with the weather.

These anglers connect with bass in manmade shadows.

Man makes them, bass borrow them and man is just fine with that arrangement. Why? Because docks are to bass what offshore rigs are to red snapper — places of refuge, shelter and feeding opportunities.

Leave your gas card at home, and take a short boat ride to the fish-filled waters of Lake Boudreaux.

I love my wife, but she seems to have an uncanny ability of calling my name just as my rump lands in my recliner or plops down on our bed.

Can’t find fish this month around Grand Isle? Then you just aren’t trying.

Grand Isle!

The name of the place is enough to hold the fascination of anyone carrying an ounce of the sea’s romance. The following passage describes the island perfectly:

All you need is a pirogue and a few hours to put together a stringer of mixed deliciousness.

The gardeners (is that term permissible nowadays?) — OK, OK, I mean the landscapers spoke Spanish to each other and appeared to be Mexican (is that term permissible?) — OK, OK, I mean Hispanic.

Delacroix trout, reds, flounder still active on inside

Munkey Junk ends every set they play with Cheap Trick’s first-ever Billboard Hot 100 hit “Surrender.” The chorus repeats surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away.

Even in wind, Hopedale has speckled trout, redfish options.

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” — Alexander Pope

“Love never ends.” — The Bible

Capt. Mary Poe (foreground) says June action is outstanding on Calcasieu Lake. She'll get no arguements form Otis Taylor (background).