May 2011 - Volume 31, Number 5


Wading has gotten extremely popular on Calcasieu Lake, but fishing out of a kayak is much more effective.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of Greg Sonnier’s question when I first met him at Hebert’s Marina on the eastern shore of Calcasieu Lake.

Head down to this ultra-productive area, and you’ll be frying catfish for your whole neighborhood.

George Dupuy flipped his rod tossing out a double drop-rig with a couple of nightcrawlers impaled to a pair of 1/0 hooks. The angler attentively watched his line drift downstream with the current making sure it didn’t tangle in his partner’s line, until it came to a stop.

After endless months of confinement to fishing those wintertime haunts, canals and bayous, I was ready for a run to the outside waters of Black Bay. The wide-open waters offer a vast array of fishing options and a host of toothy critters that can put a serious bend in your rod. I was antsy to feel the pull of a hefty trout or redfish, and something about Black Bay draws me back there every year at this time.

I’m no Donald Trump, but a 30-percent return on an investment sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Simple math shows that investing $100 with a 30-percent rate of return would result in $130. One-thousand dollars would turn into $1,300 and $100,000 would become $130,000.

This Lake Pelto hotspot is on fire this year. Fish it, and you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

We all know what it is to crave something. Hot boiled crawfish, ice cold watermelon, that first cup of coffee in the morning — we all have these appetites that arise and then long to be satisfied.

This popular lake in Southcentral Louisiana produces a seemingly endless supply of bream and catfish.

The gals gasped and giggled as Doc and Trisha’s Mediterranean cruise pictures flashed on the screen. And on his new mega-screen TV at his Bourbon Street bungalow, they were indeed impressive — especially the one of Trisha “wade-fishing” in Rome’s Trevi fountain.

Is Our Seafood Safe?

Defining toxicity is tricky because much depends on the method of delivery, the dose and a personal interpretation of the word “toxic.” Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and anything soy are toxic because they contain goitrogen. Salt can be a powerful toxin. Ethyl alcohol, the stuff in beer, wine and whiskey, is toxic (as well as being metabolizabled as a food).

These bass-fishing techniques sound loony, but they produce plenty bites.

The orange-bladed spinnerbait that March Take Home Angler Matthew Hymel threw at Lake Cataouatche so threw me for a loop that I began to wonder if those gaudy blades were just the tips of the proverbial iceberg.

Hit the right locations with these techniques, and you’ll score on early season trophy specks.

The winter was long and hard. The images of decoying ducks and rutting bucks had long since passed, and thoughts of warm spring days on the open coast and large yellow mouths were only promises until today.

Dennis Tietje loves May because the largemouth bass bite with reckledss abandon.