August 2010 - Volume 30, Number 8


Sleep in, let the boats clear out and then head down to Black Bay for some fast trout action.

August can be a tough month for anglers along the southeast coast of Louisiana, and this month will present us with even greater challenges than usual.

This area doesn’t get the acclaim it once did, but it’s certainly not because the fishing isn’t as good as ever.

The fishing was pathetic. Everyone whined and moaned — all except Eddie, who grinned wickedly. His eyes twinkled as he looked around the boat.

Park yourself on Atchafalaya Delta WMA opening morning of deer season, and chances are quite good you’ll be eating venison for a few weeks.

There is a place down at the mouth of the Atchafalaya River known to many locals as “The Delta.” This is not your average hardwood, highland hunting grounds.

Want to catch lots of fish this month on Calcasieu Lake? Then leave your artificial baits at home.

The slender 67-year old silver-maned man waved his cooking utensil for emphasis as he spoke.

Despite hurricanes and oil spills, the Atchafalaya River remains Louisiana’s greatest threat.

“The time for dillydallying with this great problem has passed; [federal officials] are far too dilatory in their movements, and take too long to devise ways and find means to avert the threatened danger, and rather incline to a plan that is entirely at variance with their printed opinions. . . .[T]he people . . . must bestir themselves in their own behalf. The time for theorizing and talking is past; the time for action has arrived.”

This large island offers endless opportunities to catch redfish in the heat of the summer.

We were making good time cutting through 2- to 3-foot seas in West Cote Blanche Bay, but on the horizon, as far as you could see out in the Gulf, was an ominous slate-blue sky, which meant only one thing: We were going to get wet — real wet — possibly before we reached our destination.

This underfished water body has been loaded with speckled trout this summer.

To say that Lake Borgne and Rodney Dangerfield have a lot in common might be a little too strong. At least everybody knew who Rodney Dangerfield was even if they didn’t respect him.

If hunting and fishing are your hobbies, sooner or later you’re going to succumb to the capricious whims of Murphy’s Law.

Accidents, mishaps, incidents — misadventures in the field go by a variety of names. My wife, Carol, calls them “Terry Moments,” and I have to admit I have more than my share of them. Several years ago, I even wrote a feature for Louisiana Sportsman about some of the more bizarre ones.

If you think winter and spring are the only times to catch these tasty fish, you’ve never visited Toledo Bend in the summer.

J.T. Thompson forgot his small minnow buckets. He winced with every sunscreen-lathered hand that grabbed fresh bait from his big bucket jammed-packed with over a pound of minnows.

Catching these fish is easy — they literally jump in the boat, and when they do, it’s like manna from heaven.

I first met Hypophthalmichthyes molitrix on a warm summer’s night in 1997. A scimitar-shaped crescent moon hung over the humid night’s air in the Atchafalaya Basin.

Check the calendar; deer season is right around the corner. Follow this guide to make this season the best ever.