November 2009 - Volume 29, Number 11


The action is so good in this big Southeast Louisiana lake that you’ll want to smash down your barbs to make all those fish easier to remove.

Lake Salvador is a huge body of water located due south of New Orleans and southeast of the Salvador Wildlife Management Area in St. Charles Parish. At its widest points, it stretches about 16 miles across and 12 miles wide, making it smaller than Lake Pontchartrain but still a sizeable body of water.

When you either kill squirrels or you don’t eat, you learn quickly how to be a master of the sport.

“I was the first person in my family to consider hunting a sport,” said 62-year old Charles Johnson. “People in my family hunted for food — for something to eat.”

Sure November's temperatures can be chilly, but the action at these four Venice spots is smoking hot.

If you’re deepfreeze is anything like my family’s, it takes you a while to dig through all the leftovers on top just to get to the good stuff underneath. Deer sausage, duck breasts and speckled trout fillets always seem to somehow fall deep down into the farthest reaches of the giant boxes.

Changing farming practices are dramatically altering goose hunting in Southwest Louisiana.

The inky black predawn ride to the field where Clint Mathews and his crew of guides set out a decoy spread of several thousand rags, shells, full bodies, kites and every other trick — past and present — known to the goose hunting world was notably longer than usual as last year’s specklebelly season wound down.

This month on Lake D’Arbonne, it pays to have a weak work ethic.

Although the summer days are loosely labeled as lazy here in Louisiana, November is actually the best month to be a lazy bass angler at Lake D’Arbonne.

Believe it or not, huge swordfish swarm off the Bayou State’s coast.

The Mississippi River delta and surrounding offshore waters are without a doubt some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. There is no other place on the face of the planet where an angler can target largemouth bass and blue marlin in the same day, no other place where limits of 20-pound red snapper and 10-pound mangrove snapper are not uncommon, no other place where you can catch 100+-pound yellowfin year-round on a day trip.

Looking for ducks on WMAs? You won’t be disappointed if opening morning finds you on one of these.

My journey into duck hunting has left me with the mixed feelings of an elementary school student who got addicted to soft drinks just weeks before they were banned from the concession stand in favor of healthier alternatives.

Scents smell horrible to us, but when used properly, there are few things a deer likes more.

The unmistakable sound of crusted snow giving way to the weight of a deer’s hooves broke the silence from somewhere up the right-of-way, alerting me to its presence.

Deer generally are not the unpredictable animals many believe. Instead, they have set patterns, at least outside of the rut. Here’s a look at what bucks will be doing before they become love-crazed.

The buck had spent the dark hours of early morning munching in a wheat field, milling about with other deer and concentrating on filling its belly. There was only one short break while the animal tussled with a second buck in the moonlight, but it was more pushing around on the playground than a serious knife fight.

Joyce WMA beckons any waterfowl enthusiast who drives on I-55, and she conceals excellent action within her folds.

Face a firing squad, and you get a blindfold, right? Now I understood why.

Three friends have transformed an old cow pasture into a widlife mecca in Caldwell Parish.

It was a common thread that bound Ronny Graham, Ronnie Myrick and Ken Newton together. They were college buddies who loved to hunt ducks and dreamed of having a place of their own where they could enjoy their sport.

Want to kill a pre-rut buck? Then follow Blake Charles' advice.