July 2009 - Volume 29, Number 7


There are so many gators on several WMAs that the state has opened hunting to Average Joes. Here’s how to get in on the fun.

For most hunters, the traditional fall and winter hunting season begins the first Saturday in September when dove season opens. The first couple of weekends in September are buzzing with hunting activity as hunters sharpen up their shooting skills on these gray ghosts.

What do tuna and rabbits have in common? Head offshore this month with a fly rod, and you’ll find out quite quickly.

If fishing is like religion, then fly fishing is high church,” news anchor Tom Brokaw has said.

Get out of the boat, and follow these eight tips to catch fish that’ll make you a STAR contender.

Taking a topwater to the crotch doesn’t sound like something a speckled trout angler would have to worry about. Sling a trout in the boat, let him flop around on the floor, grab him and unhook him. Throw him on ice and repeat while the topwater stays a safe distance away.

If speck fishing were baseball, these two guys would be the 1990s version of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.

When does a speckled trout cross over from the indignity of school-trout status into the glory realm of trophy trout?

Fish these six spots, and you’ll be filling your cooler with tasty Grand Isle summer specks.

Grand Isle is a seven-square-mile barrier island connected to the rest of Louisiana by a narrow causeway. Located about 100 miles from New Orleans, the narrow island separates Barataria Bay from the Gulf of Mexico, and is the permanent home of 1,500 residents.

There’s one Super Highway that centralizes trout activity on Calcasieu Lake this month.

At the expense of small towns all across America, the Interstate system became a traveler’s best friend as Americans realized they could speed from one side of the country to the other without anything in their way.

The Red River today bears little resemblance to the roiling one explorers discovered centuries ago.

Today, the Red River is a fishing mecca. Both largemouth and white bass prowl around its rock jetties, huge catfish lurk in the deep holes and crappie school up on the oxbow lakes.

Give these techniques a try, and crappie fishing may just become one of your favorite summer pastimes.

If you were to list your all-time favorite things to do on the water during a lazy Louisiana summer, where would you rank catching crappie on a cypress-tree lake?

This perennial Black Bay hotspot is producing big trout and reds.

It started with a casual greeting just before daylight recently when I bumped into Capt. Charlie Thomason at the dock of Blackie Campo’s Marina in Shell Beach. We were both standing in the live bait line, and eager to get under way.

There are no summer doldrums here. Read this issue to put specks, crappie and much more in your boat.