March 2009 - Volume 29, Number 3


The numbers don’t lie. They tell us where poult production was good, and where hunters can expect to fill their bags this season.

With the 2009 spring turkey season opening next month, what areas of the state might have the best hunting opportunities based upon the annual poult production surveys?

Having trouble getting bites on blades? Put these tips to work, and that’ll change in a hurry.

Outside the occasional marsh bass that falls for my redfish spinnerbait, I can’t tell you the last time I had a really good spinnerbait bite in a lake or river. Several years ago, it was nothing to fish down a brushy shoreline at D’Arbonne Lake, and get several bites in one pass.

The Tchefuncte River has left many an angler scratching his head, but it actually offers surprisingly good springtime spawning action.

My first experience fishing the Tchefuncte River in St. Tammany Parish was the trolling motor going out on my brand-new Bass Tracker TX-17. I had waited for a boat like this all my life, and now here I was standing on the front deck wondering what to do.

Trophy bucks from the 2008-09 season keep turning up.

Up-and-down temperatures drove some deer hunters crazy, but the weather didn’t seem to affect the big-buck kill. Here are the stories about how some hunters scored big.

Fish these Lafitte hotspots in March, and your arm will feel like you just spent six hours on your Bowflex.

Capt. Papa Joe Bush maneuvered his bay boat through the Pen and down toward the Texaco Canals as an approaching cold front hung ominously low in the sky just behind us. Every turn we made, the front seemed to follow.

The Buras marsh is going bye bye, but what’s left of it still holds incredible early spring action.

We pulled up, looked around and found we had Joshua’s Marina almost to ourselves.

Tournament anglers love Black Lake this time of year. It’s clear to see why.

North and Central Louisiana bass anglers can hardly wait for the bass tournament schedules to come out each year. As soon as they find out where they’ll be fishing, they can begin the planning process that they hope will lead to big stringers of bass and even bigger checks.

Television viewers from the 1970s will easily remember the irate words, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature,” followed by a peal of thunder and a bolt of lightning. That was a matronly, daisy-bedecked Mother Nature’s (played by Dena Dietrich) response to being informed that the Chiffon margarine she just tasted was indeed margarine and not butter.

This month, it’s all in where you go and what you know.

Miserable March! I call it the bipolar month, the manic-depressive month and the month that just can’t make up its mind. March can’t seem to decide if it wants to be spring or winter, so it teases us with a little of both.

You’d have to search far and wide to find someone who knows more about catching crappie than Bobby Phillips. Here are his tips for being successful this month.

For most of the past decade, I’ve talked with 65-year-old Bobby Phillips on a weekly basis, picking his brain for a fishing report I put together for newspapers, magazines and radio. I’ve met the affable Phillips on several occasions, but one thing had been gnawing at me: I’d never shared a boat with him to watch him perform his crappie-catching magic firsthand.

Head on down to Chicken Island Pass, where the tasty catfish will make you swear off of poultry.

While riding downriver from the Berwick landing, the thought occurred to me: Why would anyone prefer white meat?

Bass pro Jason Pittman knows there's no better month for catching bass than March.