February 2009 - Volume 29, Number 2


This season, Louisiana produced some bucks that would make any hunter weak in the knees. Here are the stories.

Big bucks fell across the state this season as cooler winter weather seemed to really get deer moving. Here are the stories of some of the year’s biggest bucks.

Follow this plan to put plenty of Cocodrie trout in your box this month.

Nearly 40 years of guiding has taught Capt. Stu Scheer with Cocodrie Inside Charters at least one thing — February is without a doubt the worst month of the year to fish out of Cocodrie.

Pick the wrong day, and you’ll skunk this month, but if you roll the dice, and the conditions cooperate, you’ll have a trip for the ages.

Fishing Calcasieu Lake during February is a crapshoot. If you’ve never heard of that colloquial phrase, don’t worry. Just know that you don’t need to bring your camouflage, and please leave your scent attractants at home.

In the dead of winter, you might have to cover some ground to find fish, but your bulging saddlebags will have you smiling at the end of the day.

Back in the earlier days of American history and due to the lack of ministers and the far distance between churches, some preachers, called circuit riders or saddlebag preachers, would journey long distances on horseback to rural churches to preach.

For wintertime crappie, try these deadly trolling techniques on any of several Louisiana lakes.

There are as many ways to catch crappie as there are names for the tasty fish. Some prefer dipping a cork and shiner in tree tops, some use nothing but jigs in open water, and still others rig up multi-pole “spider rigs” with both jigs and shiners to fish flats and deep holes.

A parade of flashy bass boats will hit Northwest Louisiana Mardi Gras weekend for the Super Bowl of bass fishing. How will the area be fished? We polled some experts.

The entire fishing world will have its eyes focused on the Red River near Shreveport in February for the 2009 Bassmaster Classic. The best bass fishermen of 2008 will compete for the $1/2-million first prize and plenty more trickle-down money.

Ever catch bream big enough to jerk the rod from your hand? You will if you go to the shallow-water rigs this month.

The venison fajitas and sheepshead ceviche were the hit of the evening. As usual for the post-Endymion festivities, Doc Fontaine’s Bourbon street bungalow was packed to suffocation. A long table featured everything from a shrimp mold to marinated veggies to buffalo wings to a dozen wine bottles.

While it requires some effort, experiencing turkey hunting success on small properties can be a reality if birds visit the property on a regular basis in response to good habitat management.

Opening day of the 2008 season, I was set-up in my ground blind on a wheat/clover patch I had planted with two sorghum strips during the spring of 2007. While the grain strips were not great due to poor growing conditions, the plants had produced some seed heads in addition to some native vegetation such as goat weed.

Echoes of trophy deer and hopes of trophy trout - it's all in this issue.