December 2008 - Volume 28, Number 12


While most hunters dream of bagging a true Booner, the reality is, your chances are slim. But there are some areas in Louisiana where dreams can come true.

Fair Chase is the official publication of the Boone and Crockett Club. In the magazine is a section containing all the trophies that have been officially measured and accepted for the All-Time Record Book and the 27th Big Game Awards Program, 2007-2009.

Two of Louisiana’s heavy hitters for springtime spawning bass are also loaded with publicly available ducks this time of year.

Have you ever wished you had a shotgun in your hand rather than a fishing rod while bass fishing on your favorite big-water lake during the winter? I bet it was almost like the ducks flying right over your head could tell that your Carolina-rig rod didn’t pose them any danger at all.

Try these two spots if you want to fill your box with chilly December specks.

Dealing with the crowds is an inevitable part of life for Louisiana sportsmen who want to get in a little speckled trout fishing during the winter. The Sulfur Mine near Golden Meadow and the Pen near Lafitte are perfect examples of just how crowded a small saltwater lake can get.

Deer communicate with each other through scents that hunters try to replicate. Here’s how to make sure you’re saying the right things.

Without a doubt, the sense of smell is the most important physical perception available to the white-tailed deer. Deer rely heavily on their noses to detect the presence of predators and locate food sources.

If you want to catch schoolies, fish the deep holes, but if leg-length speckled trout are on your mind, go to Hopedale’s redfish flats.

Wherever there are fish to catch or animals to shoot, there are anglers and hunters who prefer to forego catching just any fish or shooting just any animal in favor of securing the bragging rights that come with catching the biggest fish or shooting the biggest animal.

Make your first stop of the day the outside waters on the east side of the Mississippi River, and the trout you return with will make inside anglers green with envy.

I know, conventional wisdom dictates that in the winter, you fish the inside waters for speckled trout and redfish.

Crossbows have opened up tiny tracts near subdivisions to venison-hungry hunters.

Pelayo was ahead of me on the trail as we trudged back to his truck. It looked like two, maybe three squirrels hanging from his belt. Then the trail made a bend, and I lost sight of him.

No spot in North America offers what waterfowlers find every season on Catahoula Lake.

There are few guarantees in hunting, but Catahoula Lake is as close as it gets for waterfowlers. The lake is an historical wintering area for ducks because of the amount of water and food available.

Vermilion Parish is ground zero for the best goose hunting in the entire United States. Use these veteran techniques to make sure your bag is nice and heavy.

If a waterfowl hunter happened to be stuffed in the cab of a pickup truck, blindfolded and driven to the Gueydan Civic Center back on Aug. 24, he would be liable to think he died and went to heaven.

Guide Richard Lindsey shows you how to get the main ingredient for a Cajun Crappie Fry.

There are two things in this world that Richard Lindsey likes to do — cook and catch crappie.

Louisiana's best deer hunter may just be a woman. You won't believe the run of success Vicki Husted has had over the last two seasons, which includes this beast she shot in late October.