November 2008 - Volume 28, Number 11


The storms that stripped the grass out of the Delacroix and Hopedale marshes will actually make catching reds easier this fall.

Some see the loss of jobs to foreign countries as an opportunity to complain about how all our jobs are going overseas. Some see the loss of jobs to foreign countries as an opportunity to retrain themselves for a better job.

Use this new device, and you’ll be able to walk right up to a flock of feeding geese.

Lying with our backs against the side of an Arkansas ditch huffing and puffing trying to catch our breath is where I remember my buddy’s words that offered no relief to the pains that would later become that night’s leg and body cramps.

Put in some boot time, and you’ll fill a strap on these two WMAs.

I think I would have made a great colonist. Of course, I might not have liked actually being one back in the 1700s, but I think I could have at least held my own for a couple of days.

The 2008-09 deer season will be the fourth year for the Antler Restriction Program on Thistlethwaite. Is an Antler Restoration Program necessary on a WMA that has produced Boone and Crockett deer in the past?

At a recent deer-scoring event at Cabela’s in Gonzales, Joshua Babin of Prairieville brought in a buck that his grandfather killed on Thistlethwaite WMA in 1972.

Recent aerial surveys show there are some spots in Plaquemines Parish that still hold duck food.

Eddie stormed into Doc Fontaine’s Venice houseboat, slammed the door and hurled his camo duffel bag in the corner.

Gold and silver are the bait, not the target, of this Lafitte treasure hunt.

Redfish are tearing up spoons in Lake Salvador,” the voice said on the other end of the phone. The inflection in the voice made it both a statement and an implied question.

There are reasons deer activity is more pronounced at dawn and dusk.

4:05 p.m. — I down the last sip of my coffee. In no hurry, I notice my brother is getting antsy. Who wouldn’t? After traveling 1,200 miles from Michigan to duck hunt and possibly shoot his first deer, I could feel his emotions by his body language. When someone’s foot flips up and down nervously in the air, there usually is a root problem.

Eddie Halbrook uses a throwback lure to put plenty of Caney bass in the boat this time of year.

Figuring he had it tied on to fool anybody who happened to be sneaking around in his camouflaged Triton aluminum boat, I half expected Eddie Halbrook to clip off the blue/white tail-spinner that was tied to the line on the rod that he handed to me.

In the aftermath of Gustav and Ike, knowing how to spot tidal bass feeding zones is more important than ever.

A half dozen great egrets and as many blue herons were scattered along the edge of a small cove, and every five minutes or so, they would take a few steps back.

North Louisiana has a gem of a WMA that puts plenty meat in freezers year after year.