January 2008 - Volume 28, Number 1


George Seacrist learned to hunt squirrels years ago from his dachsund. Now he’s extremely successful at the sport.

One advantage I had growing up out on the rural route was an early introduction to hunting. I was blessed with a dad who hunted and who saw the advantages of introducing his two sons to the sport not long after we were out of diapers.

Got the wintertime blues? Then get out on Calcasieu Lake this month for some very good cold-weather action.

Most people in Louisiana relate purging with cleaning a sack full of crawfish by making them vomit out impurities before they are dropped into a pot of boiling water.

Louisiana Sportsman takes a look at what baits are becoming hot, and why.

I remember 8th grade like it was yesterday. The only problem is there are a lot of things about 8th grade that I don’t want to remember. Toughskin jeans are a great example. While everybody else was walking around in Jordache jeans, I looked like an old Sears ad from the 1970s.

Rivers and flyways all seem to converge in Central Louisiana, where the waterfowl hunting is often second to nowhere.

Do you have a favorite honey hole that you keep hunting because it seems to always hold game? If so, you’re not alone. Most hunters have secret spots that they jealously guard with everything but their lives. Some may be so fanatical about keeping their honey hole secret that they would fight to the death.

Got a redhead fetish? Then scratch your itch way, way out in Atchafalaya Bay.

Over the years, with each generation, there always seems to be a good-looking redheaded actress that captivates audiences everywhere. OK, perhaps male audiences, which may or may not be that difficult, but captivating nonetheless.

Get a good night’s sleep and hunt the mid-day hours at the mouth of the Mississippi River. The action’s best at this time of day.

Poor Zach. Maybe I should have warned him. This was the first Louisiana duck hunt for Pelayo’s brother-in-law, and he was dressed like a male model for Cabela’s catalog. His camo outfit was spanking new with the creases razor sharp. His hat even had a price tag still dangling from the back. And around his neck dangled a shiny wooden duck call about the size of a small baseball bat.

The Empire area is rapidly rebounding, and it offers nearly endless options for anglers looking to load the boat this month.

Gazing from atop the Empire Bridge in southern Plaquemines Parish, one can see literally thousands of white PVC pipes sticking up from atop oyster beds.

It’s late in the season, and bucks have been smelling humans for four months. But louisianasportsman.com’s Widowmaker and others have strategies to make the late-season the best time of the year.

Russell Scarbrough got off work at 6 p.m., too late to actually do any hunting. But he went ahead and drove to the public tract of land he planned to hunt the next few days and slept in the truck.

Capt. C.T. Williams knows that winter often offers the absolute best saltwater action of the year.