August 2007 - Volume 27, Number 8


These hot new products will increase the dial on your fun meter this season.

Every year, hundreds of new products are introduced to the hunting public. Louisiana Sportsman reviewed some of the top new gear available for deer and waterfowl hunters.

Many anglers pass up Venice’s spillways this time of year. They’re making a big mistake.

One of the old adages in fishing is that it really doesn’t matter if you tell other anglers where you were fishing or what you caught them on because, more than likely, they aren’t going to be able to go back and duplicate the same pattern.

T-John Thompson’s hunting tenacity resulted in the buck of a lifetime last season.

T-John Thompson got off his school bus at 4 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2006, and without even changing out of his school uniform, grabbed his rifle and headed for his tree stand. At 4:30, he was back at his house asking his mom for help bringing in the deer he had just shot.

Follow this guide to have yourself perfectly prepared for the time when big bucks consume your attention.

Summer is here, and likely as not, you don’t wake up these warm and muggy mornings with deer hunting on your mind. Turkey season drained you back in March and April, and the novelty of hunting squirrels in May during Louisiana’s new spring season has long since passed.

Sure it’s hot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on some excellent wing-shooting.

As the hunter called excitedly, he could see the reaction from the birds when his notes hit them. They spotted the decoys and came in over the water as though the caller had them on a string, although he’d put his blind on the bank.

If you can take your mind off specks and reds, you’ll have a blast catching fish after fish at the near-shore Grand Isle rigs.

Darkness was closing in as we breached Grand Isle’s city limits, and Pelayo slowed down. In seconds, he slammed the brakes with a force that would have launched us through the windshield. Good thing for seatbelts, I thought while rubbing my neck.

You can catch summertime sac-a-lait by duplicating the techniques of this southern angler.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kent Driscoll of Cordova, Tenn., has enjoyed fishing for crappie for 30 years, particularly on his favorite lake, Arkabulta, near Hernando, Mississippi. He’s fished in crappie tournaments for 10 years, winning numbers of local events, several one-day tournaments and finishing third in 2000 and fourth in 2002 at the North American Crappie Classic.

To beat the heat and catch bigger trout, head to the lighted rigs in Ship Shoal, and hear the beautiful music of ripping drags.

He just wouldn’t shut his mouth. I mean, you never guarantee limits. It’s just not done. I tried over and over again to get guide Marty Lacoste to stop, and for a while, I thought I had succeeded.

Nature has taken many years to delicately handcraft the perfect Sportsman’s Paradise.

Louisiana sportsmen are truly blessed with a variety of landforms that God seemed to have made specifically for the myriad fish and animals we enjoy pursuing.

Roseau is just about the world’s most perfect fish attractor.

Surveying the hall of green and brown, Jimmy Fisackerly asked, “Which side do you think we should fish?”

Though NMFS says stocks are in danger, red snapper fishing in the Ship Shoal blocks is ridiculously good right now.

There wasn’t the slightest fold or crease in Old Glory at the Houma Hampton Inn at 4:30 a.m. It looked like the service crew had mistakenly washed it in with all the sheets, pressed it, then applied a coating of heavy starch.

The summer doldrums are the perfect time to cozy up with shallow-water reds that swim in water as clear as what comes out your tap.

I was hooked on sight fishing for redfish before I even set foot in Capt. Charlie Thomason’s Triton boat.

Anglers are finding fishing to be as good as ever at Central and other rigs in Breton Sound.

All it took was a phone call to put the gears into motion. Capt. Glenn Sanchez called and suggested that we do a Breton Sound trip. He said the big trout were tearing up live shrimp and croakers at the rigs scattered across the sound, and to sweeten the offer, he said he’d have his son, Capt. Jonathan Sanchez, at the helm.

You might think you're ready for deer season, but there's a lot more to do than you probably remember.