April 2007 - Volume 27, Number 4


You don’t have to run far to catch bass in this productive area of Southcentral Louisiana.

Webster defines “advantage” as a more favorable position or superiority.

Having trouble putting bass in the boat? Try this new technique, and you won’t for very long.

Whether you like fishing tournaments or not, you can’t argue that they are the proving grounds for all the latest and greatest tackle in your box. Fishing tournaments are also the testing grounds for new techniques and tactics that eventually sweep their way across the nation.

Turkeys have incredible eyesight, which makes it imperative for hunters to be heard but not seen.

The story begins way back in my early turkey hunting years. I was turkey hunting before turkey hunting, like country music, was cool. Come to think of it, is listening to country music, if real country music exists anymore, now uncool?

These guides love hard baits for catching quantity and quality of speckled trout and redfish this time of year.

Fishing for saltwater fish isn’t a highly technical endeavor. Throw a few plastic cocahoes, a handful of jigheads and a couple popping corks in your box, and you’ll be ready to catch just about anything that swims.

Lake Pontchartrain’s Causeway is the longest bridge in the world, but anglers see it as Earth’s longest artificial reef.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part one of a two-part series examining fishing techniques at Lake Pontchartrain’s bridges. Part two will appear in the May issue.

Take a trip back in time with Capt. Paul Titus as he explores how Louisiana’s fishing hotspots got their names.

While talking to one of my avid fishing friends about a very successful fishing trip I made, I began to tease him when he asked where we caught the fish.

This technique, perfected on the Red River, is ultra-productive for crappie across the state.

Have you ever stubbornly refused to change lures or techniques while suffering through a drubbing by one of your fishing buddies?

Got the post-spawn blues? These guys sure don’t. Follow their tips to put big bass in the boat this month.

The spring is one of the best times of the year to catch bass, with fish up shallow and aggressively protecting their spawning beds. Anglers simply love picking big sows off the nests.

It’s more than luck that makes young Amy Weaver one of the most consistent anglers in the Save Our Lake Rodeo.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth installment of a 12-part series introducing readers to young Louisianians who have accomplished great things in the outdoors.

These two experts have engaged in many life-and-death battles with seasoned old birds. Sometimes they’ve come out on top, and sometimes they’ve been whipped pretty soundly.

Troy Ruiz eased into position and prepared for battle with a local celebrity gobbler well before dawn early one spring morning. He was prepared to hunt the battle-tested gobbler that had eluded all suitors, including him, for at least four years.

Pursuers of Louisiana turkeys face very different terrain — and very different birds — depending on where they hunt.

Show me another state with as much diversity north to south as Louisiana has, and I’ll eat my hat.