March 2007 - Volume 27, Number 3


There’s more good news than bad in the store for hunters who, dream of gobbles, struts and beards.

When Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro went down with a shattered leg just out of the gate at the Preakness, even those who don’t follow thoroughbred racing were saddened.

Want to load a stringer with slabs? Then head to one of these lakes this month.

Louisiana Sportsman asked Bobby Phillips of West Monroe, owner of the Honey Hole Tackle Shop for 16 years, who recently retired to have more time for his favorite sport, crappie fishing, where to find the biggest crappie in Louisiana and how to catch them.

No, It’s not a strange disease, but if you want to load a stringer with sac-a-lait, you should definitely become familiar with the word.

Maybe now, I thought, he’ll believe me. He never believed me. Even when we were teenagers, he always thought I was trying to put one over on him. And now that I think about it, a lot of times that’s exactly what I was doing.

Follow this guide to put limits of redfish in the boat all spring long.

“There he is, just to the right of the blind. See him?”

High water in the Atchafalaya Basin should lead to a good spawn and great bites for bass anglers.

One of the reasons Bill McCarty has been successful on the bass tournament trail is the same reason he catches bass more often than not in the Atchafalaya Basin in March, a time when the nation’s last great overflow swamp is high and some anglers go elsewhere.

We’re now entering the best season of the year to catch leg-sized trout on Calcasieu Lake. Follow this guide’s advice to put a trophy on your wall.

What constitutes a trophy? If you ask my 4-year-old son, it’s the Piston Cup from the movie Cars. He knows the movie by heart, and every time he sees a car on TV now, he asks if they’re trying to win the make-believe trophy. In his eyes, the Piston Cup is a trophy.

This technique is proving ultra-productive in the fish-rich waters off Louisiana’a coast.

Tumultuous seas rocked the 26-foot boat as Craig Monroe and John Swincinski surveyed the churning waters near the jagged legs of the Seven Mile rigs south of Venice.

Sabine National Wildlife refuge provides all the fun an angler could ever want.

The rod butt displayed a sharp set of graphics with detailed images of a speckled trout and a redfish flanking the model name “Marsh Master.”

Marsh bass will cover the banks this month. Here’s how to get them on the end of your line.

Have you ever seen those guys on TV trying to catch a bedding bass during some big-money tournament? Man, they have it made. Crystal clear water, big shiny beds, hardly any wind … and then they prance around and kiss the fish or yell at the poor thing after they yank it over the side of their boat.

This guide makes his living in March drawing surface strikes from big trout and redfish from a perennial hotspot.

In the 1960s, the only jobs available in the Bayou Lafourche area related to either fishing, sugar cane or oil. But the development of the Frasch process — a mining technique that recovers up to 92 percent of a salt dome’s recoverable sulphur — made it possible for companies to exploit the vast underground sulphur deposits under Louisiana’s marshes.

This young lake delivers the goods to crappie anglers who focus on the hard structure.

We all like to think our success in fishing is due to great technical skill and vast knowledge of the aquatic species, but to be truthful, luck has often played a large role in my outdoor career.

Head to the close-in rigs this month for all the action you can handle on spadefish, sheepshead, pompano, spanish, triggerfish, bluefish, black drum, redfish and even grouper.

The uproar from Bourbon Street was deafening. A sea of flushed faces, buggy eyes and wildly waving arms clamored for Mardi Gras treats.