January 2007 - Volume 27, Number 1


January is jig month if you’re looking for a lunker.

While most bass anglers are busy sorting their tackle boxes and cleaning their reels during January, there are a few who are actually using their fishing tackle.

Few places produce more fish than “Da Island” in the winter.

Another in a series of cold fronts had blasted through several days before, and the frigid north winds left the marsh almost dry and the temperatures way too cold for comfort.

When a guide agrees to take a group fishing, he’s never entirely sure what kind of knuckleheads he’ll share a boat with.

Crazy things often happen when anglers spend time on the water, and fishing guides become spectators at the comedy club of recreational fishing.

The Saline Larto complex is inarguably the best sac-a-lait lake in Louisiana, and there’s no better time to fish it than right now.

The only thing more consistent than a cold-water crappie bite is the speed at which news of the bite spreads.

If you want to pull big trout out of thick grass, throw some of these underused baits.

The stretch of shoreline looked like it was tailor-made for a pack of redfish to be roaming for a mid-morning meal. But, it wasn't really all that different looking than the others we'd come across in the Myrtle Grove marsh that morning, and I was more than a little frustrated.

You don’t need dogs or an expensive lease to load up on rabbits this time of year.

What could put Tae Bo, Pilates and Jazzercise to shame when it comes to air-sucking cardiovascular activity? What would make someone want to suffer charlie horses to the point of screaming for those around them to put them out of their misery?

At only 33 years of age, Louisiana’s Greg Hackney has already made a vault full of money fishing professional bass tournaments.

Many outdoorsmen believe Greg Hackney of Gonzalez, one of the hottest young bass fisherman on the professional bass-fishing circuit, jumped full blown onto the professional bass-fishing circuit and consider him the next great bass phenom.

Catching monster sac-a-lait requires thinking outside the box.

I’d had a miserable day of crappie fishing, and only had caught three crappie all day.

Keeping your duck stand or deer blind in one spot will mean lots of boring hunts and empty bags.

Doc Fontaine’s got a dandy camp and duck lease near Cocodrie. It’s got “beautiful” blinds in “beautiful” ponds with “beautiful” spreads of decoys (that stay out most of the season).

A group of scientists is studying our resident duck — a bird that teases and tantalizes but seldom seals the deal.

There aren’t many Louisiana duck hunters who haven’t been snubbed by these guys.

There are alternatives for days when the tuna just don’t show up at Louisiana’s hottest offshore spot.

The famed Midnight Lump which sits roughly 20 miles off of the Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River near Venice is considered the “go to” spot during the cold, blustery winter months.

There’s only one thing on Dylan Riley’s mind year-round — big, trophy whitetail bucks.

Dylan Riley placed the crosshairs of his scope right where he thought it should go and squeezed the trigger. The deer didn’t even flinch.

Bushytail hunters can increase their chances by using calls. Just be sure to read and follow instructions on the package.

Listen, you can hear two gray squirrels and one fox squirrel barking,” I said, whispering to my son after making a young-squirrel-in-distress call.

These stories will get you fired up and determined to spend a few more hours in the stand as this season winds to a close.

The number three has become a rather significant digit for me. I have THREE daughters who have presented me with THREE grandsons.