April 2006 - Volume 26, Number 4


Effort is down and catches are up across most of Louisiana’s coast

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita put trout fishing on hold across much of the state, but once anglers were able to get back on the water, success harkened back to days of yore when limits came fast and furious and competition from other anglers was almost nil.

Even battered and bruised, Bayou Bienvenue still delivers the goods.

St. Bernard’s Bayou Bienvenue has long provided access to a vast fishing area favored by many local anglers.

Redfish Bay lives up to its name during the springtime.

Fog wrapped up the Mississippi River passes as sunlight slowly beat back the darkness. And so we sat at Venice Marina, chatting and watching workers repair hurricane damage to the facility.

The Wax Lake area is like a gift to Louisiana's bass anglers.

Momma always said, “Big things come in small packages.” But I don’t think Momma had fishing in mind when she was referring to the package.

Target bream with your kids on these North Louisiana lakes this month, and you’ll likely have even more fun than they do.

Real fishing heroes aren’t made at the Bassmasters Classic or the FLW Championship. Real fishing heroes are made on ponds, lakes and creeks all across the United States every day as parents and grandparents take a kid on their first fishing trip.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth installment of a 12-part series exploring the best bass-fishing areas in the Bayou State.

Channel cats are fierce fighters that offer everything an angler could ever want.

I’ve done a bit of snooping around the Louisiana High School Athletic Association records, and quite frankly, I’m a tad disappointed. Louisiana athletic programs have picked a wide array of mascots to represent their teams, but there is one that is sorely missing.

When snapper season opens this month, anglers will find a strong fishery that actually benefitted from last year’s storms.

April signals the arrival of many spring traditions across Louisiana — among them Jazz Fest, crawfish boils and strawberries.

Turkey season ends almost as soon as it gets started, but late-season hunting can be the best time of year.

No one will ever convince me that there is a tougher game animal on the North American continent than the Eastern wild turkey.