Volume 26 Number 1 - January 2006


Hard hit by hurricane Katrina, Hopedale is a bright spot for area anglers.

The ride through St. Bernard Parish is still depressing, even all these months after the hurricane did its damage. My heart aches every time I drive through.

The tail end of the duck season is often the best time of the year to head afield.

In a flooded pasture in northern Catahoula Parish, Dan Chason watched from the blind as a flight of six birds breezed in from the north. The ducks flapped in over the tops of the pine trees, banked into a light wind and seemed to lock in on the spread of decoys that Chason had conspicuously placed several days earlier.

Winter’s the time to load the boat with sheepshead, drum, redfish and flounder at this Lafourche Parish port.

It was just another day at Leeville, at least according to guide Chad Billiot.

January’s skies are full of doves that blaze by hunters at the speed of bottle rockets.

I think the first time I ever noticed the abundance of doves during winter, I was duck hunting in the flooded rice fields of Northeast Louisiana.

Intensive quail management is bringing the upland birds back to huntable levels at one North Louisiana WMA.

Clever soldiers who want to avoid work details keep their distance from superiors. “Out of sight, out of mind,” is the order for the troops who like their free time to remain free.

Red River WMA offers late-season hunting for mallards that is unrivaled anywhere in the Bayou State.

The boat blind lunged forward as we jumped up to pick out greenheaded targets in the decoying flock of mallards.

Masking scents and lures should be part of every deer hunter’s bag of tricks.

Passing up a few does during the Area 7 still and early muzzleloader hunts, and later missing a respectable 6-point during the late muzzleloader season, I began second-guessing myself.

Like an unfit mother, the Mississippi River abandoned Lake Bruin, and the state’s bass anglers are so glad she did.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first installment of a 12-part series exploring the best bass-fishing areas in the Bayou State.

It's been a banner year in the Louisiana outdoors this fall and winter. That great action will continue this month.